Jonnie Irwin jokes with fans about family road trip 'hell'

TV presenter Jonnie Irwin is making precious memories with his family - but shared the very relatable reality of a long car journey.

Jonnie Irwin at the TRIC Awards in London. (WireImage)
Jonnie Irwin has shared his relatable family trip. (WireImage)

Jonnie Irwin has shared a laugh with fans about the very familiar reality of family road trips with small children.

The Place in the Sun presenter, who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, is determined to spend as much time making memories with his three sons as he can, but joked about the "acoustic hell" of a long car journey with kids that was all too relatable for many of his fans.

Irwin, 49, and his wife Jess took their boys Rex, four, and two-year-old twins Rafa and Cormac on a long car journey for some time away during the summer holidays, but found the trip a challenge – just like many of his followers who commented on his post.

He shared a funny photo to Instagram of himself and Jess with pained expressions in the front of the car as their three children smiled from the back seats and wrote: "5 hours on and off in car with the boys. Each one with a tablet/screen without headphones! Acoustic hell! #roadtrip"

The post tickled his fans, with one person commenting: "Haha your faces say it all!"

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Someone else wrote: "Sorry but that made me laugh. We've all been there."

Another person shared: "Been there…done that…what a funny picture your faces tell the story."

Others added that they knew how the Irwins felt.

Someone wrote: "Sorry this made me smile I remember these days very vividly."

Jonnie Irwin presenting A Place in the Sun. (Channel 4)
Jonnie Irwin presenting A Place in the Sun. (Channel 4)

Another person commented: "This made me giggle I have hearing aids and probably the only benefit is the ability to take them out to vacate that particular acoustic hell you’re referring too… three girls with or without tablets in a confined space of a car is more than I can cope with."

One other person wrote: "Oh dear! I feel that! We've just driven back from Norway - kids had headphones but that doesn't stop us having to listen to them singing along to different songs simultaneously!"

Irwin was told that he had terminal lung cancer – which has now spread to his brain – in 2020, and went public with his diagnosis last year.

Jonnie Irwin
The TV star is spending as much time with family as possible. (BBC)

He has since shared that he kept his illness quiet because he didn't want to lose work and didn't want people to treat him differently.

Irwin, who has kept his diagnosis from his young children to protect them, previously told Hello!: "I don’t know how long I have left, but I try to stay positive and my attitude is that I'm living with cancer, not dying from it."

He added: "I want to make memories and capture these moments with my family because the reality is, my boys are going to grow up not knowing their dad and that breaks my heart."