Judge Rinder challenges Alan Carr to weight loss contest

Criminal barrister Judge Robert Rinder at the 2017 Edinburgh International Television Festival at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre.
Judge Robert Rinder at the 2017 Edinburgh International Television Festival (PA)

Judge Rinder has challenged Alan Carr to a weight loss competition after piling on a few extra pounds.

The TV presenter and lawyer posted a message on Twitter saying that he was two stone over his ideal weight.

He decided to take on comedian Carr in a two-month weight loss contest to spur him on as he tries to shed the pounds.

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The pair now have eight weeks to get into shape and the loser “has to buy the other a cheeseburger”.

Sharing pictures on Twitter of his and Carr’s feet on the scales, Rinder wrote: “According to the NHS website, I’m 2 stone over my recommended weight.

“I needed a bit of a push so have entered into a contest with Alan Carr.

“From tonight we have 2 months to get as close as possible to our ‘healthy’ BMIs.”

Alan Carr during the filming for the Graham Norton Show at BBC Studioworks 6 Television Centre, Wood Lane, London, to be aired on BBC One on Friday evening.
Alan Carr (PA)

The star - whose real name is Robert Rinder – did not share his or Carr’s current weight, blacking out the numbers in the images.

Rinder’s social media followers cheered him on and many shared diet and exercise tips to help him on his way.

“Good luck to you and Alan, I think you are both fabulous as you are!” said one person on Twitter.

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Another posted: “Weight is a very personal issue but if you have decided that you want to do something well done you.

“Although I have to say when you did Strictly OMG your body was hot hot hot.”

Doctor and TV star Ranj Singh was one of those to respond, tweeting: “Haha! Can I join the club?!?”

But Rinder replied: “It’s for those in need only xxx.”