Judi Love addresses Lorraine Kelly BAFTAs 'side eye snub' on Loose Women and explains what really happened

Judi Love and the Loose Women panellists have reacted to a hilarious 'side-eye snub' when Lorraine Kelly was collecting her gong at the BAFTA TV Awards.

The 43-year-old was filmed looking seriously unimpressed in the crowd on Sunday night while everyone clapped Lorraine as she received a special award at the ceremony.

On Monday, the TV star broke her silence on the awkward moment and took to social media, writing: "After last night incident and now this morning becoming international news! I’d like to make an official statement.. Swipe left! @lorraine @lorrainekellysmith."

In the hilarious clip filmed this morning at the ITV studios, Judi and Lorraine stand back-to-back, with Judi side-eyeing the Scottish legend.

Feigning a disapproving stare right back at her, Lorraine has her arms folded, before the stars both burst into laughter.

Now, Judi has addressed the "global incident" - which even made the news on Australian TV - once again and explained what really happened to her Loose Women co-stars, who were in fits of laughter. She said: "My dress was very tight and I was trying to sit like a lady and saw the camera and thought 'this is your moment on TV. I was trying to be regal."

She went on: "The thing is I stood up and gave Lorraine round of applause! They didn't show that though."

Judi explained she was a bit nervous when she saw Lorraine in the ITV studio on Monday morning after the 'side-eye' made international news.

She said: "I walked up to Lorraine and as I was about to come in she put her hand up and I thought 'oh god this is going to be it'."

She continued that Lorraine enthusiastically shouted: "Judi!

"I saw it, I know you, I love you, it's good."

Touching on the hilarious clip shared to Instagram this morning, Judi added: "We done our own thing for those people that were trying to make it something it wasn't.

"It's crazy everyone's been messaging me."

Judi Love at the 2024 TV BAFTAs
Judi Love reveals all about her BAFTA meme on Loose Women

Lorraine had taken to the stage to receive her award on Sunday night to mark her 40 years on TV, which was handed to her by Succession star Brian Cox.

As she bowed out of her acceptance speech, Lorraine cheerfully quipped: “I’m on the telly tomorrow, but I’m going to celebrate tonight. Thank you so much!” Cameras then showed I’m A Celeb hosts Ant and Dec smiling enthusiastically while clapping away.

Then The Sixth Commandment star Anne Reid was shown politely clapping along.

But as cameras moved to Judi, she could be seen looking far from impressed and was seemingly refusing to applaud, and rolling her eyes.

The moment was seized upon by those watching the awards show from home - sparking a flurry of amused commentary.

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