‘Is he just coming to bring Covid’: Democratic Georgia candidate launches blistering attack on Trump state visit

Graeme Massie
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Democrat Georgia candidate Jon Ossoff launches blistering attack on Trump state visit (Getty Images)
Democrat Georgia candidate Jon Ossoff launches blistering attack on Trump state visit (Getty Images)

Georgia Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff launched a blistering attack on Donald Trump and suggested his visit would just bring Covid to the state.

And Mr Ossoff branded Mr Trump “a disgraced president” who would only “intensify” the enthusiasm of Democratic voters in Georgia.

"With respect to President Trump, I mean, is he bringing stimulus for families? Is he bringing relief for small businesses? Or is he just going to come down here and spread Covid-19?” said Mr Ossoff on MSNBC.

Mr Trump and many members of his inner circle have already been diagnosed with coronavirus amid accusations they refused to take proper precautions against the spread of Covid.

Georgia has already had more than 420,000 cases and at least 8,778 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic.

Mr Ossoff faces a run-off election against Senator David Perdue in January, with polls putting them both at 49 per cent of the vote.

“This is a disgraced president, who's failed in his reelection bid; and he may rile up some supporters for my opponents, but you can rest assured he's also going to intensify the enthusiasm of Democratic voters here in Georgia to come out and make a statement continuing to reject his failed policies and his divisive and hateful politics," added Mr Ossoff.

Mr Trump has said he will visit the state to support Mr Perdue and Senator Kelly Loefler, who also faces her own 5 January run-off election against Reverend Raphael Warnock.

The outgoing president has continued to make false claims of voter fraud in Georgia, which has certified its election results in favour of Joe Biden.

The president-elect won the battleground state by more than 12,000 votes and Republican officials have rejected Mr Trump’s claims.

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