'Just let me finish my sentence!': PM Theresa May snaps at Phillip Schofield

Theresa May has clashed with Phillip Schofield over refusing to be pinned down to whether or not she would resign if her proposed Brexit deal isn’t voted through.

The Prime Minister had previously postponed her visit to This Morning, but finally took her place on the couch – and Schofield wasn’t prepared to give her an easy ride.

After grilling May on whether the Brexit discussions spelled disaster and what the deal actually meant for the general public, things came to a head when Schofield couldn’t get a straight answer on any resignation plans.

He said: “What happens to you if they vote you down? The next day, what will you be doing? Will you still be Prime Minister?”

May began to answer: “I’m very clear that as Prime Minister I’ve got a duty to deliver…”

But as Schofield kept interrupting with “But if you don’t?”, she eventually snapped: “Just let me finish my sentence!”

The presenter told her: “I know what you’re going to say,” and she shot back: “Well, why did you ask me the question then if you know what I’m going to say?”

Schofield said: “You’re going to say you have a duty to deliver it, you’re going to work very hard to deliver it, I’m going to say my question was if you don’t deliver it, what happens? Do you resign?”

May gave the evasive reply: “Formally what happens if the vote doesn’t go through is that the Government has to come back to Parliament within a certain amount of time and say what the next step is. But I’m focusing on getting that vote through.”

Acknowledging that just 14% of people in a recent survey felt that May’s deal was a good one, she confirmed that she would not allow a second referendum.

“This is the deal. It’s this deal or no deal. The message has been very clear, it’s taken 18 months of negotiation,” she said.

Meanwhile, co-host Rochelle Humes just wanted to know what the Mays’ holiday plans were.

She asked: “What about you personally though, because this is a lot. Does your husband Philip ever just say ‘let them do it, let’s go on holiday’. What about the strain on you?”

May replied: “In any job there are times that are tough and you have to work through it, politics is the same. Philip is a huge support to me and he says I must do what I believe to be right.”

The PM got her own back on ITV star Schofield at the end of the interview as they discussed a potential live TV debate with Jeremy Corbyn and whether it would air on ITV or the BBC.

She said: “He said he wanted to be on ITV so he could watch the final of I’m a Celebrity. Actually, I think his proposal meant that I’d miss Strictly. I hate to say this on ITV, but I’m a bit of a Strictly fan.”

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