Justin Bieber reflects on his time as troubled teen idol in Lonely music video

Justin Bieber reflects on his troubles grappling with fame as a teenage popstar in the music video for his new single Lonely.

The Canadian singer was discovered at 13 and became one of the most famous musicians in the world.

He courted controversy early in his career and had several brushes with the law, including charges for driving under the influence and vandalism.

Bieber explores the danger of growing up in the spotlight in Lonely, a collaboration with US record producer Benny Blanco.

The music video features 14-year-old Canadian actor Jacob Tremblay in the role of a young Bieber, wearing his hair in the same bowl-style cut the singer had when breaking through.

A glum-looking Tremblay is seated alone in a cavernous dressing room before geeing himself up to take to the stage in front of an almost-empty venue.

The real-life Bieber is the only member of the audience. Lonely features the lyrics: “What if you had it all but nobody to call? Maybe then you’d know me, ‘Cause I’ve had everything, but no one’s listening.”

And Bieber touches on his legal troubles, singing: “They criticised the things I did, as an idiot kid.”

Sharing the song on social media, Bieber, 26, said he found it difficult to reflect on his past.

He tweeted: “I went into the studio and sang through it which wasn’t easy but started to really see the importance of telling this story! It made me realise we all feel lonely at times!

“Being someone in my position I believe it is powerful to express vulnerability and that’s why I believe this song is so powerful! And @jacobtremblay is so talented. It was emotional to see him play me from the outside looking in.”

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