Kangaroo Rescued During Family Boat Trip in Western Australia

An Aussie man was out on the waters of Wilson Inlet in Denmark, Western Australia, when he spotted a kangaroo paddling far from the shore on Thursday, January 21.

Video shared by John Taylor shows the roo swimming further away from the land before he helps the kangaroo.

“Only in Australia can you go on a fishing charter and catch a kangaroo!” Taylor told Storyful, describing the swimming marsupial as a “strange sight”.

He said that after closer inspection he identified it as a western grey kangaroo, a species of roo that inhabits Western Australia’s southwest.

“We noticed that the roo was tiring and its head was going underwater as it struggled to swim,” he said. “We then decided that we needed to help it…I was able to lean over to take hold of its leg and body…We slowly made our way towards the shoreline, gently dragging, and assisting the exhausted animal to the shallows.”

Taylor added, “It certainly made for one of the most interesting catches that I have made on my fishing charters. It is in fact, a first. The children were talking about it for the rest of the afternoon and was the highlight of their holiday, even for these Western Australian kids.” Credit: John Taylor via Storyful