Kangaroos Fight it Out at Australian Wildlife Shelter in New South Wales

Two kangaroos battled for power at a wildlife shelter in the Central West region of New South Wales on October 17.

The video shows the kangaroos leaning back onto their tails and forcefully kicking with their legs at Warrumbungle Wildlife Shelter in Mendooran.

Tanya O’Donoghue, who runs the shelter, said the fight had gone on for several minutes before she started to film. In her post on Facebook she wrote: “It’s another territorial fight. Usually peaceful, both Burns Boy and this young buck needed to define boundaries and territory. Males constantly need to assert themselves to hold territory and females.”

‘Burns Boy’ is an older kangaroo O’Donoghue rescued from a bushfire near Dunedoo two years ago and nursed back to health.

“These fights are rare and when finished, the males lie down to recover. These two males in the video were eating in close proximity of each other and are no longer adversaries after the fight,” O’Donoghue added.

O’Donoghue told Storyful both animals are free to come and go at the shelter but choose to hang around. She added, “The younger buck has been coming here more often as the drought worsens. I feed him and many other kangaroos who are all hungry and thirsty.”

According to the Department of Primary Industries, the entire Central West region is in drought, with almost 35 per cent considered to be in intense drought. Credit: Warrumbungle Wildlife Shelter via Storyful