Kate Ferdinand reveals baby name dilemma, admits she's already going off her favourite

Kate Ferdinand has revealed she's going off her top baby name, pictured with her husband, Rio, in October 2018. (Getty Images)
Kate Ferdinand has revealed she's going off her top baby name, pictured with her husband, Rio, in October 2018. (Getty Images)

Kate Ferdinand has revealed she is having doubts about the name she has picked for her unborn baby.

The former TOWIE star, 29, who is pregnant with her first baby, a boy, with husband Rio Ferdinand, admitted that the couple just can’t seem to stick to a name.

While they have “one favourite” moniker picked out for their upcoming arrival, the mum-to-be confessed she is already going off it.

Having been asked by OK! whether she has chosen a name, Ferdinand revealed that the couple have a few “potentials” but are waiting to see what the newborn looks like to decide if he suits them.

And while there was a forerunner, Ferdinand admitted she has concerns about it.

“There’s one favourite name but the more I say it the more I go off it,” she said. “So we’ve decided not to talk about it for a while!"

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Ferdinand, who is step-mum to her husband’s three children from his first marriage - Lorenz, 14, Tate, 12, and Tia, nine, also revealed that the children are being consulted for input on names for their new sibling.

“We discuss everything as a family,” she added.

Watch: Pregnant Kate Ferdinand works out with a bump.

Ferdinand is right to take her time in considering baby name options as recent statistics revealed that many British parents are suffering from baby name regret.

Earlier this year, the team at Gigacalculator.com quizzed 5,842 parents about their baby name choices, and found that 73% of mums and dads had thought of better monikers for their offspring after naming them.

The top five reasons parents gave for feeling regretful about their little one’s name were: not thinking it suits them (64%), the fact their partner picked it (48%), a friend choosing the name for their own child (37%), a child getting teased for their name at school (32%) and a celebrity naming their child the same name (26%).

While a third (30%) of mothers and fathers admitted they didn’t give their child’s name enough thought beforehand.

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Since revealing she was expecting a baby earlier this year, Ferdinand has been documenting her pregnancy ups and downs on Instagram.

One of the negative aspects she’s been struggling with more recently is the back pain she has been experiencing during pregnancy.

Sharing a photo of her sitting on her bedroom floor wearing comfy leggings, a vest top and slippers, Ferdinand explained in the caption that she wasn’t feeling comfortable in any other outfits and went on to say that she was “hugely struggling” with her lower back and groin.

“I’ve always had back problems but this is really taking its toll,” she wrote. “I don’t like to moan too much on here but the reality is I am struggling.”

Ferdinand has previously shared that keeping fit while pregnant has helped her feel more like herself.

She said: “I know I say this all the time but it really is quite mental for me. I’ve found especially whilst being pregnant the gym helps me to feel like ‘me’ as much as I can.

“Being pregnant for the first time there is a lot of ‘unknowns’ so it’s nice to have some form of consistency where possible.

“Still getting through my workouts approx. Three times per week and a lot less intense. I’ve been really listening to my body and if I feel like I need to rest and take it easy I do.”

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Ferdinand also recently shared a round-up of some of her favourite maternity looks.

“So glad I took all of these pictures to look back at,” she wrote in the accompanying caption for the shots of various different outfits. “At the time In most of these I didn’t always feel great but looking back at pictures I always feel differently.

“It’s crazy how much our bodies change when we are growing a little human,” she continued. “I thought I would absolutely hate getting dressed whilst pregnant but looking back I’ve quite enjoyed dressing my bump and trying new looks.”

Pre-pregnancy, Ferdinand spoke about her 15-year battle with body dysmorphia and severe anxiety.

Speaking to Fabulous magazine, she explained that she had experienced low self-esteem since her teens.

“I’ve always thought I looked bad and it’s only in the last two years I have been able to rethink what’s important and what isn’t,” she said.

“I’ve learned to accept myself, but it’s been a hell of a journey. And I’m still on it. I still have bad days, but I never thought I would get to this point.”

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