'Kate Garraway: Caring for Derek': What to expect from the emotional new documentary

Watch: Kate Garraway shows the reality of caring for husband Derek Draper

Kate Garraway and husband Derek Draper's devastating battle with COVID is an ongoing nightmare for their family, and tonight, the Good Morning Britain presenter lets the cameras back into their home to show the reality of life now.

Her award-winning ITV documentary Kate Garraway: Finding Derek revealed the horrendous effects on him of being the UK's worst-affected coronavirus patient.

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Now, Kate Garraway: Caring for Derek shows his homecoming after more than a year in hospital, the family's adjustment to his new normal, and Garraway's life as a carer.

Here's what to expect from the documentary.

When is Kate Garraway: Caring for Derek on TV?

The one-off documentary will air tonight (Tuesday) at 9pm on ITV.

Kate Garraway: Finding Derek is also available to view on ITV Hub.

Why did Kate Garraway choose to allow the cameras in again?

Kate Garraway is set to show the realities of life as a carer. (ITV)
Kate Garraway is set to show the realities of life as a carer. (ITV)

The Good Morning Britain and Life Stories presenter has admitted it was a difficult decision to balance her family's privacy with the opportunity to show what life is like for the UK's carers who are struggling to manage.

In the documentary, she looks tearful as she explains: "I'm very protective of Derek and I'm very protective of people seeing him vulnerable, but I've talked to him a lot about this and I think he understands that we have to make it real, because this is the reality of life for people who are caring, and it's the reality of recovering from a life-changing event, and it's not pretty."

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Talking to Lorraine on Tuesday morning about the follow-up documentary, she said: "I did think long and hard about whether we had a story to tell because I didn't really want it to be a pity party."

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Thursday 24th February 2022 on ITV 

Pictured: Derek Draper lying in bed at his London home  

In 2020 Kate Garraway and her family wanted nothing more than to get her husband Derek back home. Little did she know what the reality of this meant. Caring for Derek is the follow up to the award-winning ITV film Finding Derek, shown in Spring 2021, which charted how Derek Draper's family coped while he was critically ill in hospital with Covid-19. 
This time weÕre with Kate and the family from the first moments Derek arrives home in April, and in the build-up to Christmas 2021 - a period of considerable upheaval and uncertainty. Caring for Derek is honest, unflinching and doesnÕt sugar coat the reality of being a carer as we see Kate tell the camera ÔWe have to make this real as this is the reality of life for people who are caring, and itÕs not prettyÕ
We follow Kate as she navigates the myriad challenges of the social care system and its complexities that seem to be built in. This comes at a time when the debate about social care is at its loudest, and this film quietly shows the reality of what day to day life is like becoming a carer. 
Whereas Finding Derek reflected DerekÕs absence from the family home, this new film captures his return and how that has restored some hope for Kate and her children without shying away from what the challenges of the new normal might be and the impact it has on everyone involved. 
Mirroring the lives of carers across the country, we also see Kate getting support from family and friends including DerekÕs sister, Di, who helps her with some of the day-to-day duties and believes ÔyouÕve just got to celebrate the good daysÓ. And she catches up with old friends Bobby and Julie, whose situation has parallels with her own, to find out how theyÕre coping, sharing the hardship of no longer being just a wife but also a carer
Above all, this film follows Kate as she embarks on a new chapter in her marriage and family life, attempting to find a new way of living and a new way of loving, like millions of families across the country in the very same boat. 
Every year, countless Britons undergo the kind of seismic shift in circumstances that Kate and her family are dealing with Ð a life-changing injury or illness striking one person that has repercussions for every member of the family.  But the often more complicated tales of what happened next and the painstaking road to recovery remain largely untold. Until now. 

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Derek Draper's return home from hospital is documented. (ITV)

She talked about the flaws in the care system, the difficulties she has had in accessing the right help for Draper, and the tough choices she is constantly faced with.

Discussing the long waits for hospital appointments because of pandemic delays, Garraway said: "There's a horrible tension of fighting for the person you love and then worrying that you're holding someone else back. I don't think it's a burden we should carry."

What will happen in the documentary?

Unsurprisingly, viewers should expect a hugely emotional watch.

Caring for Derek begins with Draper's return home last spring after 374 days in hospital recovering from COVID, which included 10 weeks in a coma.

The couple's young son Billy shows the camera crew around their home as he waits for his dad to arrive, explaining the many adaptations that have been made to enable him to live there, and says he has been waiting for his dad to come home so that he can complete his Lego Death Star.

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In tear-jerking scenes, Billy and his sister Darcey hug their dad as he comes back home for the first time in over a year and Draper reaches out to hug Billy again - a hugely significant moment as it is the first time in his recovery that he has been able to use his arms to reach for something.

Garraway also shows viewers the day-to-day reality of being a carer, which involves mountains of laundry from seven bed changes a day.

Kate Garraway is working on a second documentary about her husband's COVID-19 recovery. (Karwai Tang/WireImage)
Kate Garraway's first documentary about Derek Draper's recovery won awards. (Karwai Tang/WireImage)

In one scene, she comforts Draper as he cries, overwhelmed by being able to move himself into the bathroom for the first time.

She told Lorraine: "There's the heartbreak that is that what we're now celebrating, are those now our big moments in life?"

The documentary charts the months leading up to Christmas and the end of 2021, showing how Draper settles back into family life and the improvements in his health - including the couple travelling to Mexico to access a groundbreaking treatment.

How is Derek now?

Kate Garraway and husband Derek Draper, pictured in 2009. (Jon Furniss/WireImage)
Kate Garraway and husband Derek Draper, pictured in 2009. (Jon Furniss/WireImage)

Draper still needs round-the-clock care and although a team of carers visits their home on a daily basis, much of the work falls to Garraway.

She spoke about "a tsunami of loneliness" in her Lorraine interview as she opened up on how life had changed.

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She said: "There's two overwhelming things, a sense of loneliness and a sense of guilt. The loneliness is a strange one because I feel guilty even saying it...people are so lovely and supportive and it means a huge amount, but there's the one-to-one relationship which is just such an emotional rollercoaster.

Piers Morgan interviewed Kate Garraway for his final 'Life Stories', where she spoke about her family's nightmare. (ITV)
Piers Morgan interviewed Kate Garraway for his final 'Life Stories', where she spoke about her family's nightmare. (ITV)

"You'll get a flicker of the old Derek and in that instant you go back to feeling like you're together, and then the next minute he's gone again.

"There's a tsunami of loneliness in that moment because that relationship can't be replaced elsewhere."

Garraway continued: "I don't want to overstate this because people have died, but you're almost on the verge of grief and delight all the time and it makes you feel like you're very lonely.

People ask how it's going and you know it's going better than if he passed away, but it's still not going enough that you can say, 'yeah, it's great'. That makes you feel very alone and you feel guilty."

Kate Garraway: Caring for Derek airs tonight (Tuesday) at 9pm on ITV.

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