Kate Garraway says doctors found Derek Draper had brain inflammation during hospitalisation

Derek Draper spent over a year in hospital after contracting the coronavirus. (Jon Furniss/WireImage)
Derek Draper spent over a year in hospital after contracting the coronavirus. (Jon Furniss/WireImage)

Kate Garraway has shared that her husband Derek Draper was found to have inflammation of the brain while hospitalised with the coronavirus.

The 53-year-old has written about her spouse's health struggles in her new book, The Power of Hope, after he spent a year in hospital battling the virus.

Garraway wrote that scans of Draper's brain showed areas like "fluffy white clouds floating in the top part of his head" which concerned doctors who believed they could've been clots or bleeds on the brain, Metro have reported.

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It was explained that such things could arise for patients when they are put on ECMO, a life support machine.

Medics confirmed Draper had a small bleed on the brain but were also concerned that the "clouds" signified Covid inflammation on the brain, which was present when he was first put on ECMO.

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"This, they told me, was a unique historical event, a one-off splurge of inflammation, and the fact that it showed up in some form on the earlier CT scans from back in April meant it happened right at the start when Derek was first on ECMO," Garraway wrote.

The Good Morning Britain host shared that the infection hadn't reached his brain stem or spinal cord. Doctors said if it had it could have permanently affected Draper's ability to control his movement.

Last April saw scientists begin warning of a link between Covid and neurological conditions.

Draper returned home to live with his wife and their two children several weeks ago after his recovery in hospital began to go "backwards", according to Garraway.

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Giving an update on his condition this week, she said Draper has made some "miraculous" improvements.

“There are things that he does which are miraculous, he remembers extraordinary things,” she said in an appearance on This Morning.

“He is saying some words but it’s definitely not a conversation and he is physically very changed, everything has to be done for him.

“So we have a different life.”

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