Kate Garraway's daughter asked her if she was suicidal as husband fought COVID

Kate Garraway (ITV/Tony Ward)
Kate Garraway (ITV/Tony Ward)

Kate Garraway has told how her daughter asked her if she was going to kill herself, as her husband Derek Draper fought COVID.

The Good Morning Britain star’s husband spent more than a year in hospital after getting the coronavirus and only recently returned home.

Appearing on This Morning, Garraway opened up about the impact on the couple’s children Darcey, 15, and Billy, 11.

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She revealed that at one point her daughter asked if she was thinking about taking her own life.

“I think they were at times wondering was I going to be okay, was I going to be able to keep going,” the star told hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.

“Darcey at one point actually said, ‘Mum are you going to kill yourself?’

"Out of the blue.”

Kate Garraway being kissed by husband Derek Draper at the 2007 National Televsision Awards (NTA's) at the Royal Albert Hall, west London.
Kate Garraway and Derek Draper in 2007 (PA)

The presenter went on: “That sounds horrific obviously, but if you know Darcey, she’s really blunt and she will always go to the most awful thing she can imagine and work her way back.

“At times that can be, ‘You’re not wearing that are you Mum?’... but she just came out with that sentence.

“I went, ‘Oh my God no, why would you think that?’ and she said, ‘Well I wasn’t but I just thought I better check.’ So she could tick it off, worst case scenario.

“I said, ‘No, if anything it’s the absolute opposite'."

Garraway went on: “I was like, ‘I’m so scared you thought of that,’ and she said, ‘Oh don’t make a big thing of it'."

The TV star also opened up about how things were going since Draper returned home.

She said when he came back after such a long stay in hospital she felt “unbridled euphoria”.

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But she added that everything was also “changed” and that there was a long way to go.

“There are things that he does which are miraculous, he remembers extraordinary things,” said Garraway.

“He is saying some words but it’s definitely not a conversation and he is physically very changed, everything has to be done for him.

“So we have a different life.”

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