Kate Hudson Shares Cheeky Naked Photo On Instagram

If Kim Kardashian West had her way we’d all be sharing naked selfie shots and promoting our body confidence online. The reality TV star caused controversy when she tweeted a nude picture of herself in the bathroom and cocksure celebrities, including Sharon Osbourne, Emily Ratajkowski and Miley Cyrus, immediately followed her lead. But now, Kate Hudson has shared one too…

Credit: Instagram Kate Hudson / @darren_ankenman

The down-to-earth actress and mum-of-two, who feels like she could be one of your own, has posted her own naked selfie and even flashed her bum.

Tempted yet?

Kate took to Instagram on Thursday to share a beautiful silhouette picture. She displayed her stunning figure, and posed with her arm outstretched and hip jutted out.

Kate captioned the snap: “ #tbt

PrettyHappy #LOVE #AlmostFriday @darren_ankenman

Credit: Instagram Kate Hudson / @darren_anken

Cue hoards of men and women sharing cheeky curtain shots from their living rooms…

Kate – who is the daughter of Hollywood legend Goldie Hawn – penned a book titled Pretty Happy: Healthy Ways to Love Your Body in which she shares her top tips on looking after yourself.

And she previously said she swears by meditating daily.

She told People: “This is a key part of my daily routine, even if it’s just five minutes when I focus and quiet my mind. Typically, I concentrate on a color and set intentions such as clarity, peace, calmness and love. I focus on these intentions and breathe.”