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The royals have embraced technology tenfold, especially over the last couple of months of lockdown (see: Meghan and Harry giving a glimpse into their LA home via video chat and Prince William and Kate Middleton playing virtual bingo).

From The Cambridges to Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles, they all have their own Instagram accounts (and social media teams) to share posts with the world too, but it's rare that they ever leave comments on other people's pictures.

Recently, however, Kate Middleton has broken that radio silence and has been leaving encouraging responses underneath posts from members of the general public who've entered into her photography competition, Hold Still. Entrants are uploading their snaps of lockdown life using the hashtags #HoldStill and #HoldStill2020 (there have been over 7000 entries so far).

One such entry was a healthcare worker in full uniform, Kate spotted the image and wrote, "Thank you so much for sharing your story and for all the amazing work you continue to do at this difficult time. C.".

She also signed herself off as 'C' for Catherine underneath several others too.

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Remarking on an image of a man gazing out at his garden, the Duchess remarked, "Thank you so much for taking part in the Hold Still project. I get so much joy from being outside and gardening too. C."

Another social media user chose to post a close-up of their young child holding and blowing on a dandelion. Kate, who has previously shared a similar photograph of her daughter Charlotte smelling a bluebell, noted, "A perfect example of Hold Still… the chance to re-engage and value the simple things around us. C."

Speaking about the competition on This Morning recently, the Duchess said, "Hold Still aims to capture a portrait of the nation, the spirit of the nation, what everyone is going through at this time. Photographs reflecting resilience, bravery, kindness – all those things that people are experiencing."

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