Kate Nash claims the music industry has 'killed a lot of people'

Roisin O'Connor

Kate Nash has claimed her greatest achievement is “surviving the music industry” and claimed it has been responsible for “killing a lot of musicians”.

Appearing in The Guardian’s weekend Q&A feature, the “Foundations” singer responded to questions about her career, dream dinner party, and life lessons.

Asked what she considered her greatest achievement was, she responded: “Surviving the music industry. I think it’s been responsible for killing a lot of musicians. Lots of us have mental health issues, and drink and drug problems, and the industry doesn’t really care.”

In an earlier question, Nash said her biggest disappointment was that “all the clichés about people in the music industry are true”.

The conversation around mental health in music has grown considerably in the past few years, both for artists, fans, and others working in the industry.

Last month, Scottish singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi announced a new scheme being introduced at his live shows.

Every ticket for his upcoming arena tour includes a 50p charge to fund a team at each venue to help with stress-related issues.

The 22-year-old, who's spent seven weeks at the top of the UK chart with Someone You Loved, says the LIVELIVE initiative has been inspired by his own anxiety.

“This is my attempt at helping make these shows enjoyable for as many of those people who have been supporting this journey for me,” he said.

Fans will also have access to an email address ahead of shows to discuss concerns and pre-arrange access to specially designated “escape spaces” before, during or after gigs. Assistance can be arranged so fans can be met at the door and escorted to their seats.

The idea will be in place for Lewis' 2020 arena tour, which takes place in support of his debut album, Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent. It was recently announced that the number one record is the fastest-selling of 2019, overtaking Ariana Grande’s Thank U, Next.