Kathy Burke is fronting a new documentary about old age

Kathy Burke made a documentary about old age credit:Bang Showbiz
Kathy Burke made a documentary about old age credit:Bang Showbiz

Kathy Burke is making a documentary about old age, ‘Growing Up’.

The former ‘Gimme, Gimme, Gimme’ star got her old showbiz pals like Jennifer Saunders, Bill Bailey and Charlotte Church and a whole host of experts to get to grips with the reality of getting on in later years for a new Channel 4 programme.

The 58-year-old comedian told the Daily Mirror newspaper's Square Eyes column: “My motivation for presenting a documentary about age is that it’s a subject we’re all fascinated about. Were our school days the best years of our lives? What do the younger generation think of us old-timers and is youth really wasted on the young?”

Kathy thought it was “great” to meet loads of different people for the two-parter - which will air on March 7 and 8 - and even picked up some things for her own life.

She said: “It was great meeting people of all ages and walks of life to ponder these questions. It also gave me tips on how to deal with my own approaching older age, which isn’t as gloomy as I thought.”

In December, the ‘Kevin and Perry Go Large’ star opened up about the menopause contributing to her having “pretty dark suicidal thoughts” but is “f****** delighted” that she made it through them.

Kathy said: “I started to have pretty dark suicidal thoughts. I’ve always had bouts of depression, but this was something else entirely. I don’t mind telling you that it was quite frightening, how I felt.”

She added: “Oh but I’m so glad I didn’t kill myself during menopause. Because that would have been, ‘Well, she killed herself because she was so miserable.’ You know? And to end feeling miserable? That would have been a bit of a shame. But listen, that didn’t happen. I came through the other side, and I’m f****** delighted I did.”