Katie Piper Criticised For Daughter Belle's Doll

The Internet has reached new levels of ‘freaking-out-over-nothing’ after the Instagram Army trolled Katie Piper after she shared an innocent photo of her 21-month-old daughter Belle’s doll.

Yes, really.

The TV personality posted an image of the naked plastic dolly on her social network page alongside the caption: “Even dolly wants to know where’s the pancakes at!!!”, but her followers couldn’t help but air their shock and even outrage at the doll’s “graphic” private parts.

One wrote: “Omg how creepy is this dolls bits! Weren’t like that in my day”.

Others added: “Dolls I had as a kid never had such…. urrrrr……….detail

"WTF is this a doll?!

"I’d like to know where dolly’s clothes are at….”

Thankfully, some of Katie’s other followers hit back at the criticism, writing: “Why is everybody complaining about the dolls bits. There is nothing shameful?! It’s a plastic doll get a grip.

"I think it’s good for kids that their dolls are more detailed, they won’t feel uncomfortable about it.

"That’s good parenting! Some of comments above it’s no wonder girls grow up thinking there’s something wrong with them.”

We couldn’t agree more.

And then one user pointed out perhaps the only issue that there is to have with Belle’s poor dolly, writing: “I’m more worried it’s only got 4 toes”.

Hmm, we guess that person has a point…