Katie Price accused of 'using' her disabled son Harvey

Former glamour model Katie Price, 40, has been accused of ‘using’ her 16-year-old disabled son Harvey to gain sympathy ahead of a court appearance.

On Thursday evening, Price shared a video of son Harvey sleeping next to her in bed on Twitter with the caption: ‘My gorgeous baby boy Harvey asleep next to me in my bed is even snoring.’

Harvey is registered blind, autistic and has Prader-Willi syndrome. His father is former footballer Dwight Yorke, who Price claims has never played an active role in his upbringing.

While some of Price’s Twitter followers congratulated her on what a ‘great mum’ she is, others took offence to the video.

Several questioned whether the video was an invasion of Harvey’s privacy, as the sleeping teen presumedly had no idea he was being filmed, or that the footage had been shared online.

One wrote: “Katie is being manipulative. It is an intrusive picture and she hasn’t respected his right to privacy.”

While another complained: “If my mum put a video of me sleeping in her bed,. I would go off it,. Just like any other teenage,. You Wouldn’t do it with Junior,. So why do it with Harvey?? It’s because Junior can say no,. Poor Harvey has no idea your doing it.”

And a third accused Price of attempting to get ‘good press’ after a turbulent year that included her third marriage collapsing, narrowly avoiding bankruptcy and being charged with drunk-driving.

Writing: “You are predictable af… always playing the Harvey trump card when the Press report bad news about you. You’re a big time USER and I hope the Courts do the right thing by making you pay the ‘price’ for your vile actions, it’s about time.”

Price with son Harvey in 2018. (PA Images)
Price with son Harvey in 2018. (PA Images)

A further user seems to share the same sentiment writing: “Whenever the media attacks you or prints something you don’t like, you bring out something about Harvey and go for the sympathy vote, every time. poor kid to have a ‘mum’ like you.”

Others wondered why the teen was in her bed in the first place. One said it was ‘creepy’ while another wrote: “That is so wrong…Harvey may have a disability but is it appropriate to have your teenage son sleeping in your bed.”

Price is due to appear in court twice next week. At Bromley Magistrates Court on Monday, 7 January she faces a charge of being “drunk in charge of a motor vehicle” following a road accident in October, 2018. On Wednesday, 9 January she’s due to appear in Crawley Magistrates Court for a charge of “driving while disqualified”.

Price and her mother Amy are the main caregivers for Harvey. He is the only of her five children to live full-time with her in her Sussex home.

Her son Junior and daughter Princess live with her ex-husband Peter Andre while Jett and Bunny now live with her estranged husband Kieran Hayler.

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