Katie Price And Peter Andre's Wife Emily MacDonagh To Get Pregnant At The Same Time?

We’ve heard everything now.

According to new reports, Katie Price has made a “pregnancy pact” with her ex-husband Peter Andre’s new wife, Emily MacDonagh.

We mean, the trio weren’t even talking this time last year and now they’re making pacts together?

The mum-of-five is reportedly keen to fall pregnant at the same time as Emily, who has a daughter with Peter, because she believes that it will bring them closer together.


A source told Reveal magazine: “Kate thinks it would be a great bonding experience. She really wants her and Emily to fall pregnant at the same time.

"They’ve even talked about it!”

Katie, who has two children with Peter, has made no secret of her desire to have more kids - previously saying that she’ll carry on having them until the doctors tell her that she can’t have any more, and even then she’d consider adoption.

Peter has also recently revealed his desire to have another baby this year with Emily.

Emily and Katie have been growing closer and closer ever since Katie put aside her bitter feud with Pete and they all started to get along. In fact, last week the star was spotted taking a photo of Em in the VIP section for one of Peter’s gigs, proving that these two are definitely becoming friends.

As for the pregnancy pact? We’ll have to wait and see…