Katie Price's pet controversies: Star's history with animals as she adopts new puppy

The star has adopted a puppy named Tank

Katie Price during her appearance on Jeremy Vine on 5, recorded at ITN studios in central London. Picture date: Friday March 24, 2023. (Photo by Aaron Chown/PA Images via Getty Images)
Katie Price has adopted a new puppy following the death of her dog Blade in June (Getty Images)

Katie Price has adopted a new puppy two months after the death of her dog Blade, despite a petition calling for her to be banned from owning pets earning more than 35,000 signatures.

The former glamour model has been pictured with the pet — which she has named Tank — who appears to also be a German Shepherd like her late dog Blade.

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With Price often in the news over her pet ownership, we looks back at the TV personality's history with animals and why a petition has been launched against her.

Katie Price's pet controversies

Over the years it is believed that seven of Price's pets have died in her care, including five dogs, a horse and one chameleon.

Yahoo UK has contacted animal rights organisation Peta for comment and has reached out to Price's representatives.

November 2017

Katie Price took her daughter to a horse shop in her latest YouTube video (YouTube/Katie Price)
In 2018 one of Katie Price's horses (not the one pictured) was killed after being hit by a car (YouTube/Katie Price)

One of Price's horses was tragically run over in November 2017 in a car accident when it escaped its field with a number of other horses and ran across the A24 in Sussex.

At the time, Price shared that the driver walked away unharmed and the other horses also survived the incident with only slight injuries.

February 2018

In 2018 Price's dog Queenie, also a German shepherd, was killed in a hit and run accident. The dog had been given to her by her ex-husband Kieran Hayler for her 36th birthday two years earlier.

Sharing a since-deleted post on Instagram, Price told her fans: "I’m absolutely devastated heartbroken my faithful loving family dogs life Queenie has been shortlived as she was killed by a heartless delivery driver who ran into our dog seeing her struggle and drove off without telling and left her to die."

"Very disappointed a human being can be this heartless! Security cameras show this and we have reported to police!"

November 2018

Junior Andre and Katie Price arrive for the KSI v FaZe Temperrr fight at OVO Arena, Wembley in London. Picture date: Saturday January 14, 2023. (Photo by Suzan Moore/PA Images via Getty Images)
Katie Price with her son Junior Andre in 2023. (PA Images via Getty Images)

Price also owned a pet chameleon named Marvin which tragically died in November 2018. The star alleged that Marvin had died after her children Princess and Junior had moved in with their father Peter Andre over the summer.

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According to reports from The Sun, the reptile "died of a broken heart" after it "didn't go with Junior when he moved in with his dad".

February 2020

Tragedy struck again in February 2020 when Price's alsatian Sparkle was killed in a car accident,

At the time she said that she'd been away and had left her neighbour in charge of feeding her pets while she wasn't at home, and Sparkle had been hit by a car sometime in the night.

In a video shared to social media, Price said: "I’ve just checked with the neighbours and everything seems to be how it was when they left the dogs, I don’t know how they escaped but yes, one of my alsatians has been hit and killed."

July 2020

CRAWLEY, WEST SUSSEX - OCTOBER 06:  Katie Price attends the 'Shocktober' press night with her children Princess (L) and Junior (R) at Tulleys Farm on October 6, 2017 in Crawley, West Sussex.  (Photo by Tabatha Fireman/Getty Images)
In 2020 Katie Price's daughter Princess' dog Rolo tragically died (Getty Images)

The petition calling for Price to be banned from owning pets was launched in July 2020 following the tragic death of her daughter Princess's dog Rolo, who was reported to have died after being suffocated in an electric armchair.

The French bulldog had only been with the family a few weeks before its untimely death, and this prompted some members of the public to also criticise the breeders who had sold the puppy to Price.

Coming to their defence, Price commented on the breeders' Instagram post about Rolo's death and said: "It’s nobody’s fault and something that happened tragically we are all devastated about so instead of pointing fingers think of how we are all feeling so respect us all."

All comments have since been deleted on the social media post. The petition has 35,813 signatures at the time of writing.

November 2022

Katie Price leaves Lewes Crown Court, East Sussex, where she was sentenced to an 18-month community order with 150 hours of community service with an additional 20 hours for breach of a suspended sentence for driving matters. She was also ordered to pay £1,500 court costs.for breaching a restraining order. The 44-year-old former glamour model plead guilty to sending abusive messages to ex-husband Kieran Hayler about his new partner Michelle Penticost on January 21 this year. Picture date: Friday June 24, 2022. (Photo by Gareth Fuller/PA Images via Getty Images)
It is believed that seven pets have died in Katie Price's care (Getty Images)

Price's dog Sharon was reportedly killed in a road accident in November 2022, the pomeranian was said to have been hit by a car after she had run out onto the busy road near Price's home.

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According to a report from The Sun, Price was said to have been "in bits" over her pets death.

June 2023

In June this year, Price's protection dog Blade died after he was hit by a car.

Price revealed her beloved pet's death in an Instagram post that has since been deleted, saying: "Worlds can’t express the lost of my best friend my protector my absolutely everything who had sadly passed away today I have no words to say how I’m feeling but numb and shocked rip Blade"

Peta criticised Price over the death shortly after, with Peta vice president of programmes Elisa Allen saying in a statement: "After a seventh animal died in her custody, Katie Price should be facing more than the court of public opinion – she should face a court of law and be banned for life from keeping animals."

They added: "Peta urges authorities to look into Blade's death and reminds the public that it's not just Price who has blood on her hands."

Price later spoke out against those who criticised her for owning pets, and in an Instagram live video shared how the RSPCA had visited her home and had deemed her home, which is known by the nickname Mucky Mansion, was appropriate for pets.

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Angered by the viewer's remark, Price said: "Who said I shouldn’t have animals? Tell me why I shouldn’t have animals? Tell me why? I’m going to prove you f**kers wrong who say and believe everything.

"It’s like my driving licence someone says I shouldn’t drive for medical reasons, someone from the public said it and I proved them wrong. I had the RSPCA out and they ticked every box to say my animals are healthy - they ticked every box. I can’t be bothered to go on the top floor… or shall I just to prove a point? Or is it over here? Let me have a look."

She added: "I’m going to prove to you lot the RSPCA have been here, done an inspection and I passed everything."

Price has yet to comment on the petition or PetaA's statement.