Katie Price 'to move into caravan' after 'being evicted from Mucky Mansion'

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Katie Price is allegedly experiencing increasing financial troubles -Credit:Channel 4

Katie Price is reportedly set to move into a caravan, despite earlier claims that she wouldn't face eviction from her so-called 'Mucky Mansion.'

An eviction notice was allegedly spotted attached to a fence at her expansive Horsham property, amid the bankrupt celebrity's financial woes, although Katie has refuted these claims previously on multiple occassions.

Despite the 45-year-old's insistence that she won't be forced out of her home, OK! reports that she is considering downsizing to a caravan. A source said: "Katie is planning to live in a static caravan after being kicked out and has already been looking for one."

The source continued to The Sun:"The idea is to live with JJ eventually but while they search for a rented property she's been left with no choice - a caravan really is her only option right now."

Katie chose to skip her court appearance in April, opting instead for a holiday in Ayia Napa with her new boyfriend, 31-year-old Married at First Sight star JJ Slater.

JJ Slater
Katie Price skipped her court hearing and jetted to Cyprus recently with boyfriend JJ -Credit:@katieprice/Instagram

The television star faced bankruptcy for the second time this past March due to an unpaid tax bill of over £750,000.

Subsequently, it was reported that a notice demanding the vacating of her property along with any possessions by a certain date was observed at her residence.

The notice read: "The court has issued a warrant or writ for the possession of the above property (land) at the request of the claimant. A warrant gives a county court bailiff the authority to evict you and hand over possession to the claimant."

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An eviction notice was served on April 24, stating that all occupants must vacate by 10am on May 29.

Following her absence from a bankruptcy court hearing, the mum-of-five was warned she could face jail time if she continues to evade the High Court authorities, with a new date for her appearance scheduled for later this month.

Joshua Harris, Bankruptcy Trustee at Harris and Partners, commented to The Sun: "Price faces the risk of losing her £2 million property."

The celebrity is grappling with debts totalling £142,405 and £196,735 for the tax years 2020-2021 and 2021-2022, along with an outstanding £140,000 VAT bill.

In an attempt to shore up her finances, the ex-glamour model has turned to social media, promoting a "cash app" to her followers as a way to boost their earnings. Addressing her fans, Katie shared: "They pay in 24 hours, so try it out!" while recording herself against a backdrop of family photographs.

Katie's representatives have been approached for a statement.

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