Katie Price defends travelling to a red country for cosmetic surgery as Dr Amir tells her to think of others

Katie Price Good Morning Britain
Katie Price defended her choice to travel. (ITV/screengrab)

Katie Price has defended her decision to travel to a red list country for cosmetic surgery, saying she had to do it because she's booked in for a full summer of work.

The TV star and former glamour model recently had a number of surgical procedures in Turkey, including a lip lift and having fat injected into her bottom, but as Good Morning Britain's Dr Amir Khan criticised her for travelling during the pandemic, she claimed to have no choice.

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Price, 43, appeared on Friday's Good Morning Britain looking fresh faced as she showed off the results of her op which was filmed for her YouTube channel.

As presenter Kate Garraway pointed out that some people would say she was putting herself ahead of coronavirus restrictions and health concerns, Price explained her thinking.

Katie Price Good Morning Britain Kate Garraway Alastair Campbell
Katie Price told 'Good Morning Britain's' Kate Garraway and Alastair Campbell she had to travel for work. (ITV/screengrab)

She said: "Absolutely people will say that. I went to a red country. But at the same time, I'm working, I'm doing my YouTube, I've had two COVID jabs, I've done my PCR tests.

"You have to follow the protocols, you can't be silly. So I knew by going to a red country I'd be in a hospital I wasn't mixing with anyone else.

"Then we flew to an amber country, stayed in a villa in the hills, away from everyone, made sure all our shopping was there, came home. We didn't muck about with it, it's serious, Harvey's been ill, my mum's been ill."

Good Morning Britain doctor Dr Amir Khan, who has become the first ever ambassador for Leeds Hospital Trust, ahead of helping out with marshalling duties at Elland Road vaccine centre in Leeds. Picture date: Friday March 12, 2021. (Photo by Danny Lawson/PA Images via Getty Images)
Dr Amir Khan told Katie Price she should have put off her trip. (Danny Lawson/PA Images via Getty Images)

Price added: "It's hard work doing a red country, it is serious. I wouldn't have done it if I didn't have two jabs."

But TV medic Dr Amir Khan also weighed in on the trip, telling Price he didn't think she should have done it.

He said: "Travelling to a red country for cosmetic surgery, I'm not sure that's a good idea."

Price protested: "But there's no one nearer who was good because they're messing with your face."

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Asked why she couldn't have put off the op until after the worst of the pandemic had passed, she said: "But I've got work in the summer. I'm fully booked and I want to look good on camera."

Katie Price Good Morning Britain
Katie Price is pleased with her new look. (ITV/screengrab)

Dr Amir told her: "With all due respect we've got to prioritise the health of people around us and I'm sure you could do your work without surgery."

However, Price told him: "But we're all different aren't we?"

She told Dr Amir and hosts Kate Garraway and Alastair Campbell: "Slap my wrist for going to a red country but I did it safely and I've had two jabs.

"Thanks for being my parents and having a go at me."

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