Quiz! Can you match the celebrity to their autobiography?

Quiz! Can you match the celebrity to their autobiography?

They say the one thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about. So celebrities love nothing more than knocking out a tell-all no-holds-barred, set-the-record-straight autobiography.

What easier way could there be in showbiz to rake in an extra bit of cash — and stab all you enemies in the back — than set down the story of your life in black and white.

Katie Price has published five autobiographies to date - that's more than one for every decade of her life.

Some celeb memoirs are must-reads - when secretive A-Listers suddenly decide to spill the beans, their book sells out before it even hits the shelves.

Others are more destined for the bargain bin. If a 20-something reality star publishes their "life story" shortly after they won a TV talent show but just in time for the Christmas stocking-filler market, readers might be left feeling short-changed by the lack of plot.

But what is in a name? While name-dropping is everything in the showbiz autobiography business, if the celeb is going to pass themselves off as the author of their tell-all tale then they need a title a little more exciting than 'My Story' to stand out on the cover.

And autobiography titles that get chosen end up ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous.

With that in mind - can you match the title to the celebrity when it comes to their life story? Find out by taking this 15 question multiple choice quiz.

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