Kelsey Grammer voices loyalty to Donald Trump as PR shuts down R4 interview

The Frasier star was happy to discuss why he will vote for Donald Trump, but his publicity team ended the interview.

Kelsey Grammer on Friday, December 1, 2023 -- (Photo by: Nathan Congleton/NBC via Getty Images)
Kelsey Grammer voiced his support for Trump on the Today programme. (Getty Images)

Kelsey Grammer has said he still supports Donald Trump and will back him to be President again in 2024.

The Frasier star – who has always been a proud Republican - appeared on BBC Radio 4's Today programme and was happy to talk about politics – but the interview was shut down by the public relations team from Paramount Plus UK.

Justin Webb asked Grammer if he was still a Trump supporter, to which he replied: "I am and I'll let that be the end of it."

Radio journalist Webb revealed on the morning show: "I have to say actually Kelsey Grammer himself was perfectly happy to go on talking about it. The Paramount Plus PR people, less happy that he talked about it at some length so we... They decided we'd had plenty of time for our interview.

Justin Webb, pictured, said the Paramount PRs ended his interview with Kelsey Grammer when he brought up politics. (Alamy)

"But I should stress that he was perfectly happy to talk about why he supports Donald Trump and still does in the forthcoming election."

Grammer has always been open about voting Republican spoken out to support Trumps policies.

Grammer, 68, has reprised his role as psychiatrist Dr. Frasier Crane in the Paramount+ reboot of the NBC sitcom which ran from 1993 and 2004.

It was a spin-off of the 1980s comedy series Cheers set in a Boston bar.

The new spin-off co-stars British actor Nicholas Lyndhurst, of Only Fools and Horses fame.

Republican presidential candidate former President Donald Trump speaks at a commit to caucus campaign event at the Whiskey River bar on December 02, 2023 in Ankeny, Iowa. Iowa Republicans will be the first to select their party's nominee for president when they go to caucus on January 15, 2024. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)
Kelsey Grammer says Donald Trump has his vote. (Getty Images)

It is Lyndhurst's first acting role since he cameoed opposite his late son, CBBC star Archie Lyndhurst, in 2020.

Archie died of a brain haemorrhage aged just 19.

Grammer sounded choked up as he revealed: "It was Nic who reminded me that it was only three or four years ago, Archie was standing right next to Nic when I said 'I think you should be part of the next Frasier.', So we've always sensed that this was something that was right for us to be together."

Grammer's younger sister Karen was murdered in 1975 when she was just 18.

The US actor revealed he and Lyndhurst talked about their grief together often.

He said: "We do talk about it of course. I've just finished writing a book about my sister which is extraordinary, it's 50 years later and it's still something I've not quite come to terms with.

"The writing of the book helped me in a lot of ways. I hope to help others figure out that there is no real sense to something like that. It puts you in a strange category, you never want to be a member of this club, but you have an obligation to cherish the memory of these people, the joy that you have.

Kelsey Grammer and Nicolas Lyndhurst star together in the new Frasier reboot.
Kelsey Grammer and Nicolas Lyndhurst star together in the new Frasier reboot. (Paramount+)

"And I spent a good chunk of my lifetime grieving and possibly stopping myself from growing because of it.

"I reckon the people go through these things with an eye toward healing but you will never get over it, that's just the way it is. So we do talk quite a lot about it."

And Grammer revealed he thought the terrible tragedies in their lives made helped them to be better comedic actors.

He said: "I think to have the perspective of true suffering makes you better at making people laugh. I do think that's true... Humour is our fuel to continue."

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