Kerry Katona tells fans her breasts 'keep growing back' despite reduction surgeries

The former Atomic Kitten star says her two reductions have been unsuccessful because her breasts just get bigger again afterwards

Kerry Katona says her boobs grew back after reduction surgeries. (Getty Images)
Kerry Katona says her boobs grew back after reduction surgeries. (Getty Images)

Kerry Katona has admitted to her fans on Instagram that her breasts "keep growing back" despite having surgery to reduce them.

The former Atomic Kitten star was putting herself through a gruelling workout when she decided to share her fitness progress with her followers on the social media site.

Katona, 42, addressed her audience in a video clip as she hit the treadmill as part of her current fitness regime and updated them on events in her life.

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She said: "Sorry I'm a bit late, I have been up since four, but I've been dealing with all kinds of s***e.

"Yesterday I got into my size twelve jeans, how awesome is that?"

However, despite her weight loss fans were convinced one part of her body looked bigger than ever as they commented on her progress.

One wrote: "Thought you had your boobs reduced, they look even bigger."

Katona then rushed to respond as she admitted having gone under the knife twice for breast reduction surgery - but finding that her cup size just creeps back up every time.

She responded: "I have!! Twice!!! Think it's the soap and water! They just keep growing back!!"

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Katona has been cracking down on her health after she gained two-and-a-half stones and was recently diagnosed with Lipidemia.

The condition is caused by an excess of lipids in the blood, often characterised by swelling in the legs and ankles.

She has been candidly sharing her fitness journey with her fans which incorporates both a strict fitness regime and healthy eating plan.

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She explained: "I've been hitting the gym hard, doing cardio and weights, and I've cut out all junk food and alcohol. It's been a real challenge, but I'm starting to see the results."

The OnlyFans star also discussed her determination to succeed as she refused to be held back by her weight struggles.

She continued: "I'm not going to let my weight hold me back anymore. I want to be the best version of myself, and I'm going to keep working hard until I get there."