KFC Hong Kong Launches Fried Chicken And Pizza Hybrid

The Napoli Crispy Pizza Chicken (KFC)

The ‘food portmanteau’ is a very modern phenomenon. 

Fresh from the ‘cronut’ (a croissant-meets-donut frankenstein) and the ‘duffin’ (a muffin/doughnut mix) comes the fried chicken and margherita pizza hybrid. 

KFC Hong Kong has invented this enticing (terrifying?) mix by adding a tomato sauce base and breaded mozzarella and cheddar mix to its original fried chicken recipe. 

However, rather than give it a clever nickname, the fast food chain has opted for the long-winded Napoli Crispy Pizza Chicken (‘chizza’ would have done, surely).

As the picture shows above, the combination doesn’t look quite as ridiculous as you may expect. 

But with the delicacy currently only available in Hong Kong, we’ll have to reserve judgement for now. 

The said, the reaction on Twitter has been mixed to say the least. 

User @vincekenny said that “dreams really do come true” while others expressed dismay and accused KFC of running out of ideas.