What is a ‘kidfluencer’ and how big are their followings?

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(Shutterstock / Prostock-studio)

When we talk about influencers, we often think of twentysomething Instagrammers and TikTokers. But nowadays content creators are starting younger and younger.

A so-called ‘kidfluencer’ is someone under the age of 16, who has built a presence on social media platforms to generate views and engagement — and some have many millions of followers. If they are very young, often the account is managed by a parent.

From gamers like EthanGamer, who has garnered over 3 billion views of his YouTube videos to 5-year- old twins Taytum and Oakley Fisher — it seems kid influencers are here to stay. And many also now have their own family YouTube channels. It’s a whole other world.

Here are some of the biggest kidfluencers around the world.

Coco @coco_pinkprincess — 567k followers

Coco is an 11-year-old based in Harajuku, Toyko. She is a well-known fashion influencer, having worked with major brands like Burberry, Gucci and Marc Jacobs, and shows off her sartorial style via her account which is managed by her parents, who run a clothing store in Tokyo.

Everleigh Rose @everleighrose — 5 million followers

US-based Everleigh Rose is the daughter of Savannah Rose LaBrant, an already established YouTuber and fashion designer with over 7 million followers of her own on Instagram. A keen dancer, she appeared as one of the top 15 protégés at Radix Dance Championships, and also has her own YouTube account. She is also related to two other kidfluencers mentioned on this list: twin influencers Oakley and Taytum Fisher are her cousins.

Elle Lively McBroom @elle — 4.3 million followers

Elle is only six, so her account is run by her mum, fitness model Catherine McBroom (who has 7 million followers of her own) and dad Austin McBroom, a professional basketball player (with a further 6.4 million). Naturally, the influencer family are used to being in the spotlight and, like many family influencers these days, have their own YouTube channel, The Ace Family, which now has almost 19 million subscribers.

Fateh Halilintar @fatehhalilintar — 5.3 million followers

Feteh is a 15-year-old content creator and social media star from Indonesia. He has already amassed over 5 million followers on Instagram, while his YouTube Channel has over 6.75 million subscribers, with more than 279 million views on his videos since he started in 2014. Fateh is also an actor and made his debut film appearance in Ashiap Man - the trailer alone has racked up 3m views. Fateh is following in his brother’s footsteps, Atta Haillintar, who is another top YouTube influencer.

Taytum and Oakley Fisher @taytumdoakley — 3.1 million followers

Taytum and Oakley Fisher are the 5-year-old twins of celebrity couple Kyler Fisher and Madison Bontempo. Both parents work in the entertainment industry so they decided to create an account of their twins . The twins also appeared in popular TV series Pretty Little Liars and their Instagram success has now paved the way for their younger sister Halston Blake Fisher, who has a separate account, already having notched up 578k followers.

Ethan Gamer @ethangamer — 22k (3 million on YouTube)

Ethan is a 12-year-old British kidfluencer with over 3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel EthanGamer, which has racked up over 3 billion views. He even has his own merch store where his fans can buy clothing with ‘EGTV’ branding on it. In 2016, he won the “YouTube Star of the Year” Award at the MEGA Awards.

Thalia Putri Onsu @thaliaputrionsu — 3.7 million followers

Thalia is a child singer, actress and the daughter of Indonesian celebrity couple, Sarwendah Tan and Ruben Onsu. Thalia and her family also have their own YouTube channel called Diary De Onso Terbaru, which also features their other children Bretran Peto, Putra Onso and Thania Putri Onso. The channel now has over 9 million subscribers.

Laarta @fashion_laerta — 1.5 million followers

Laerta is a young fashionista who likes to share her travels globetrotting around the world. She has previously worked with brands like Burberry and DKNY, and also has the Fashion by Laerta personal blog fashionlaerta.com.

Hawkeye Huey @hawkeyehuey — 168k followers

Hawkeye is a 12-year-old photographer who became the youngest ever photographer for National Geographic Magazine. He is the son of photographer Aaron Huey (who also manages his account), and his feed features plenty of his adventures around New York City.

Niana Guerrero @nianaguerrero — 14.2 million followers

Niana is a content creator from the Philippines, with over 14 million followers on her Instagram and a further 33 million on TikTok. She creates content with her brother Ranz Kyle and the pair won the Kids Choice Entertainment Award in 2019 for their YouTube content. Meanwhile, TikTok noticed her with the CICP Spotlight Award in the Superstar category. In fact, she is the most followed person on TikTk in the Philippines and is well-known for her ‘day in the life’ and prank videos, which have collectively been viewed over 1 billion times.