Kids pull off epic 26-throw poolside trick-shot

Staff writer

This is the moment schoolchildren manage to pull off an epic 26-throw poolside trick shot - then have a wild celebration.

Basketball coach, Drew Maddux, carefully choreographed the complex routine at a pool party for his son's birthday. It includes 26 throws - from the top floor of a house and across the swimming pool - before a slam dunk finale results in a raucous reaction.

Nike basketball skills instructor, Drew, planned out the routine as a special surprise for his eldest son, Patrick, who turned 12-years-old on August 13.

Video footage shows the dad-of-five, from Nashville, Tennesse, USA, provide the trick-shot finishing move by slam-dunking the ball through the hoop after 26 successful passes.The clip shows how the ball doesn't touch the ground once and the group of 11 and 12-year-old classmates work together to pull off the impressive move.