Kids use roof of Tesco Extra in Batley as giant 'water slide'

A shocking video where a group of teens can be seen using the roof of Tesco in Batley as a slide has gone viral.

The footage shows what appears to be two young boys climbing on top of the roof of the Tesco Extra in Bradford Road, Batley, and sliding down the slope in the roof. The clip was posted by an annonymous participant in public Facebook group 'Batley Matters' with the caption "New water park now open in Batley!"

The post quickly gained traction racking up 262 comments and 99 shares as locals slammed the teens for their "dangerous" behaviour.

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One group member wrote: "Absolute morons! I hope their parents are proud". Another member agreed: "And when they fall their parents be suing Tescos, there’s having fun then there’s been f*****g stupid!!", while another resident simply added: "What idiots!"

Shocking moment Batley teens caught using Tesco roof as a slide
Shocking moment Batley teens caught using Tesco roof as a slide -Credit:Facebook/Batley Matters Public Group

A woman fumed: "With any luck they’ll slip and fall then it will be Tesco having the last laugh telling the families to naff off when they put a claim in!".

Another said: "If they were mine and didnt break their necks doing this, I would break it for them when I found out."

"Hopefully they don’t go through onto innocent members of the public, shoppers, yikes," added a fellow resident.

However, not everyone saw the problem, one man wrote: "Good to see that there's still kids out there with some imagination and enjoying their youth! Fair play."

"They aren’t doing any real harm," agreed another man. "If they fall thru or off they most likely only harm themselves. This is what kids/teens do. Always done things like this, risk taking and pushing boundaries. I’d rather this than going vandalising, robbing, thuggery or going round on scooters with balaclavas/masks on which seems to be the new in thing."

Yorkshire Live have contacted Tesco for comment.

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