Kim Jong-un can control the weather, North Korea has claimed

North Korea has claimed that its leader, Kim Jong-un, can control the weather.

In the latest outlandish decree about its leader and his family, North Korea said that he has power over ‘the nature’.

State media released images at the weekend of Kim at the top of Mount Paektu, an active volcano on the North Korean border with China.

North Korea media claimed Kim Jong-un controls the weather (Picture: AP)

The account of his journey up the mountain was covered in official state newspaper Rodong Sinmun.

It said that after Kim ‘ascended’ to the top of the 9,000ft high mountain, a blizzard made way for some ‘unprecedented’ fine weather.


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The North Korean leader apparently scaled the mountain in his usual trademark coat and shoes.

‘Mount Paektu presented charming scenery showing magic peaks and dazzling sunshine on its clear and blue waves,’ read the account.

And while he was at the top of the mountain, Kim considered his country’s nuclear strategy, the newspaper said.

‘Imposingly standing on Janggun Peak, the respected Supreme Leader gave a familiar look for a while at the dizzy cliffs and the sea of trees, recalling the emotion-charged days when he realised the great historic cause of completing the state nuclear force without yielding even a moment and with the indomitable faith and will of Paektu.’

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un visits Mount Paektu (Picture: Reuters)

It isn’t the first wild claim made about Kim – North Korean media has previously said he learned to drive at the age of three and has come up with several breakthroughs in the treatment of cancer and Ebola.

His father, Kim Jong-il, claimed to have shot 11 holes-in-one in his first ever game of golf.

(Main picture: AP)