Kim Kardashian just went makeup-free on TikTok and fans can't get over this one thing

Continuing her reign as the best TikTok newcomer, Kim Kardashian has once again taken to the app to master a very popular social media trend. Unfortunately, it's not as funny (read: confusing) as her last but instead, something very much relatable. The multi-hyphenate, incredibly successful business owner and beauty mogul has stripped it all back and got real with a makeup-free evening skincare routine.

To no surprise, Kim is shown to be using her very own SKKN By Kim beauty line and although not available in the UK (hint, hint), we're ever so hopeful that it'll land worldwide soon. Alas, I digress for it's not the products that fans are gushing over, nor is it her barefaced beauty (though, she does look stunning), rather, it's her nails.

Now, this may sound trivial but the nails Kim is rocking in the below video are very out of the ordinary... for her. Prepare to be shocked but in a good way, ofc.

Confused, much?

OK, so, although her fingertips may not look to be anything too obscure, to Kardashian-Jenner fans, they're very much giving KoKo vibes. To see what I'm getting at, just take a look at the below two Instagram posts; the first being Kim's everyday manicure and the second being her sister, Khloé's.

As I'm sure we can all tell, Khlo is very much here for the fierce XXL acrylics, whereas Kim is more of an au naturale nail gal.

Whilst many gushed over the new nail look in the comments of Kim's post, writing: "Can you show us your nails?? 💅" and "🥰🥰 Nice nails.", one comment with 1477 likes, reads: "Kim with long nails???". In a reply to this, another fan speculated that Kim will be releasing her very own nail line, commenting: "Press onzz launching soon 🥹💜".

Sadly, Kim hasn't announced anything herself just yet *collective sigh* but what we do know fo' sure is that we love this lengthy coffin-shaped nude mani. More of this, please.

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