Kim Kardashian rebuked by Catholic League for Virgin Mary mini dress

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Kim Kardashian has been rebuked by the US-based Catholic League for wearing a see-through mini-dress featuring an image of the Virgin Mary.

“We’ve never seen any indication that Kim Kardashian venerates the Blessed Virgin Mary... so her latest headline-grabbing stunt can only be seen as exploitative,” the group reportedly said in a statement.

The celebrity was also criticised for sharing an image on social media that depicted herself as the Virgin Mary.

Kim Kardashian 'Kimoji'

The image was part of her 'Kimoji' brand, which features an app offering access to hundreds of Kardashian-linked emoji.

The image of the 36-year-old reality star depicted as the Virgin Mary on a candle was available for sale for $18.

Kim Kardashian 'Kimoji'

Comments on her social media platforms included. "Stupid very disrespectful" and "I love you Kim but this is so distespectful [sic]".

There was no response from Kardashian.

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