Kim Woodburn's wolf whistle claims provoke backlash


Kim Woodburn’s controversial claim that women should be glad of wolf whistles from workmen has backfired with accusations that she never really drew the attention she says she did.

The How Clean is Your House star tweeted over the weekend that she welcomed catcalling from a building site, but many of those responding questioned whether the 77-year-old TV personality was telling the truth.

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She wrote: “Just walked past a building site and I got wolf whistles from the workmen. I can never understand women complaining about it. I am 77. BRING IT ON! The more the merrier!”

But her tweet didn’t go down well with everyone - responses included people accusing her of being drunk, not realising that the builders were making fun of her, and outright lying as the incident supposedly took place on a Sunday.

Others explained to her exactly why being wolf whistled at was offensive.

A comment read: “Because women shouldn’t be objectified or catcalled for walking down a street, minding their own business. You should be ashamed of yourself for rewarding and encouraging that type of behavior.”

Someone else added: “It’s kinda weird when you’re like 16 & 50 year old men are doing it.”

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However, there were also a good few commenters who complimented Woodburn on not looking anywhere near her 77 years.

Just a couple of days earlier, Woodburn had also riled people up by posting a video of herself in a cab on a trip to London.

The video showed her ogling topless men in the streets as she said: “Do you know, on this journey in London, there’s lots of men with their shirts off.

“Some aren’t worth looking at. I’m not being rude, but, I mean, you know… Some of the others *gasps* there’s a guy over there… oh. Oh! Oh! Oh you naughty thing! He looked at me and winked!

“There’s a workman up there, dear. He’s up a ladder. And he’s flexing his shoulders. Stop it! Oh it’s lovely, isn’t it? I don’t mind coming to London. Don’t tell the husband!”

One person commented: “Imagine if this was a guy ogling at women. Feminists would be having a field day.”