More than 3,000 Ofcom complaints over Kim Woodburn meltdown on 'Loose Women'

Ofcom has received 3,297 complaints following Kim Woodburn’s row with Coleen Nolan on yesterday’s episode of Loose Women.

The segment was billed as Woodburn and Nolan’s chance to put their feud during 2017’s series of Celebrity Big Brother, on which they both appeared as contestants, behind them.

Woodburn, who made her name on the series How Clean Is Your House, has long accused Nolan and others of bullying her while in the Big Brother house, though she clashed with almost all of her housemates during her time on the show.

Kim Woodburn has branded the Loose Women presenters as ‘bullies.’ (REX/Shutterstock)
Kim Woodburn has branded the Loose Women presenters as ‘bullies.’ (REX/Shutterstock)

But things quickly went sour, with a clearly upset Woodburn branding Nolan ‘lying trash’, and a ‘con artist’, before walking off the show.

The complaints were reportedly in relation to Woodburn’s treatment by Nolan and the show’s other panellists, Coleen’s sister Linda Nolan, Janet Street-Porter and Linda Robson.

Woodburn has since said that she believes she was ‘ambushed’ by Nolan.

A representative for the presenter told Metro: “Kim was invited onto Loose Women as she was told Coleen wanted to hold peace talks with her.

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‘When she arrived this morning, Kim was briefed and told Coleen would speak first and give her reasons for their row. She was told Coleen wanted to bury the hatchet.

“However, when Kim walked on set, Coleen refused to speak first and made Kim do all the talking. This left Kim on the spot and out of her depth.

Woodburn’s representative claims she wasn’t given a fair chance on Loose Women. (REX/Shutterstock)
Woodburn’s representative claims she wasn’t given a fair chance on Loose Women. (REX/Shutterstock)

“This incident has left Kim incredibly upset and she feels disappointed with what happened.”

Woodburn has since demanded that Nolan be fired from the talk show.

“I was ambushed, it was disgusting. It was like a circus and I was there for some cruel entertainment. I want Coleen and her sister fired,” she told The Sun.

“They could have stopped that show. The one who had the ear mic could have stopped it. But they did nothing to curb it.

“I was shown cruelty again by that woman. I’m embarrassed once again. And I’ve cried on TV once again.”

Following the outburst, many viewers expressed concern over Woodburn’s wellbeing.

Reps for the show have said that upsetting Kim was ‘never the intention’, and that she was offered counselling afterwards, which she declined.

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