Kind-hearted boy asks mum for two packed lunches every day so he can give one to his hungry friend

The mystery of a little boy’s daily request for two packed lunches has finally been answered - and it was nothing to do with being greedy.

In fact, kind-hearted Dylan Duran had been giving the second lunch to his school pal, who didn’t have enough money for his own food every day.

Dylan’s mum Josette explained how she finally asked her son why he wanted to double up his lunches after months of asking.

Kindness: Dylan Duran took two packed lunches into school every day for months (Facebook/Josette Duran)

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The boy told his mum: “It’s for this boy. He only eats a fruit cup for lunch can you make him lunch too?

“I don’t think he has lunch money.”

Josette explained on Facebook that her son’s friend was being raised by a single mother who had recently lost her job.

And, eager to fulfil her son’s daily dose of kindness, she carried on making two lunches for him to share.

No longer hungry: Josette continued to make two packed lunches for her son and his friend (Facebook/Josette Duran)

Eventually the mum of Dylan’s friend found out about the gesture and she met up with Josette to tell her she had got a new job and now wanted to pay her back.

However, Josette refused to accept the payment and instead raised more than £300 with her girls’ volleyball team that she used to pay off the accounts of children at the school in Albuquerque, New Mexico, whose parents owed lunch money.

In an emotional video that quickly went viral, Josette added: “So now, nobody in that school owes any money, and now everyone can eat.”

Top pic: Facebook/Josette Duran