King Charles in 'four-word response' to Prince Harry over wish to meet

King Charles III attending the Endurance event at the Royal Windsor Horse Show
King Charles III attending the Endurance event at the Royal Windsor Horse Show -Credit:Getty Images

With Prince Harry poised to make a return to the UK, it's been reported that he has extended an olive branch to his father, King Charles, by requesting a meeting during his visit. The Duke of Sussex is set to attend a commemorative service at St Paul's Cathedral marking a decade since the inception of the Invictus Games, the influential sporting event for wounded veterans which he established in 2014.

Despite rumours suggesting that no senior royals will join Harry at this significant ten-year celebration, it's understood that the Duke has reached out to King Charles with hopes of arranging a catch-up while he's on British soil. Their last encounter was brief; it occurred shortly after Charles had received a cancer diagnosis and commenced treatment, limiting their time together to less than an hour in London before Charles returned to Sandringham for recuperation.

According to insiders, when Prince Harry approached his father about a potential meeting, King Charles responded succinctly with four words, indicating his willingness: "If he is able".

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"Harry has kept in regular contact with his father on several occasions and made no secret of his desire to see him when he can," a source disclosed. "He has been especially concerned about him and hopes the King will be well and able to see him as planned.", reports the Mirror.

Originally, following the start of his cancer treatment, King Charles was advised by medics to refrain from "public-facing engagements", yet he managed to continue working behind the scenes. In a significant boost for the Royal family, the King's physicians have revised this suggestion recently, confirming that he can partake in select public duties owing to being "sufficiently pleased with the progress made so far" by the sovereign. For the latest Welsh news delivered to your inbox sign up to our newsletter.

The Duke of Sussex speaks on stage at the Invictus Games Dusseldorf
The Duke of Sussex speaks on stage at the Invictus Games Dusseldorf -Credit:Getty Images for Invictus Games Dusseldorf 2023

While the King won't be operating at full capacity and any upcoming engagements will "remain subject to doctors' advice", according to a palace representative, his weekly schedule is already quite packed. However, despite his busy timetable, it has been clarified by a Royal source that King Charles has every intention to accommodate Harry.

King Charles' engagements are organised on an individual basis with the monarch's wellbeing being central to what he gets involved with. It has been reported by a source that after their reunion in February, Charles and Harry have maintained contact and matters have "remained positive" between them.