King Charles' sweet link to late Queen during official duties – details

King Charles always has a busy morning as the monarch as he receives official documents and briefings in the famous red box.

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The particular box that His Majesty uses will keep him close to not only his late mother, the Queen, but also his grandfather, King George VI, as they are the exact same ones. The boxes have been lovingly restored by luxury British leather goods company Barrow Hepburn & Gale, and HELLO! understands that this was Charles' wish.

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The lock of the box carries a King George V stamp, while also carrying Charles' own personal cypher, which was applied in gold leaf using a specially-made brass dye.

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Her Majesty received dozens of documents in the red boxes throughout her reign, even on weekends, but thankfully she was given a small reprieve on Christmas Day.

Back in September, a photo was released showing King Charles in the Eighteenth Century Room at Buckingham Palace carrying out official duties from the King's Red Box.

Charles was seen reaching for papers from the Red Box, while another document sits on his desk. The monarch was seen wearing a blue suit for the photo.

The updated red box
The updated red box

The box is the same one used by the Queen and King George VI

In the background, a black-and-white photo of his parents, the Queen and Prince Philip could be seen. The photo was a past Christmas present from the Queen to her father, King George VI.

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Charles will have had a busy morning with the documents, but he had a more relaxed afternoon on Thursday as he attended a lunch for members of the Order of Merit.

King Charles carrying out duties at his desk
King Charles carrying out duties at his desk

The monarch has to carry out official duties

The lunch is held annually, and the Order is limited to just 24 people, all of whom are deemed to be notable in the fields of politics, business, the arts and science.

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Among the members are Sir David Attenborough and David Hockney, who got away with breaking the dress code, showing up in a pair of bright-yellow crocs.

Charles approved of the footwear, and said: "Those yellow galoshes…beautifully chosen."

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