Kingfisher caught on camera flouting the rules as it fishes for its dinner

This kingfisher clearly didn’t read the sign – as it hopped off to dive into the water to do some fishing of its own.

The comedy image was captured as the beautiful bird splashed in the water catching its dinner.

Fishing – the kingfisher was caught on camera fishing for its dinner (Pictures: SWNS)

Photographer Roger Coan, 58, spotted the colourful kingfisher while he was tucked away in a hiding spot in the south of Scotland.

He said: “It only landed on the fishing sign twice and I was lucky it came to it, flew off to catch a fish and then came back to eat it, which gave me time to get it.”

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Roger has been taking wildlife shots for the last 18 months and has wanted to get the snaps of the kingfisher for a while.

From dusk until dawn he says usually he will only see about six kingfishers in a session at the secluded spot in Kirkcudbright, in Dumfries and Galloway.

Rare – Mr Coan has been trying to capture pictures of the kingfisher for months

“I’ll leave at four in the morning and not get back until maybe ten at night when I go. But it’s always worth it when you get the shots,” he said.

“The hides are used by photographers so we can get shots of wild animals. We use fish in the water to coax them in and then have to try and get shots before they fly away.

“They’re not domesticated animals so it’s not easy.

Earlier this year a photo of a diving kingfisher won the 2016 Wildlife Photographer of the Year People’s Choice Award.