Kirklees council highest earners with 20 bosses entitled to £100k or more

Steve Mawson is set to join Kirklees Council as Chief Executive this October
-Credit: (Image: Kirklees Council)

Kirklees Council bosses are set for six-figure salaries as the local authority has published its Pay Policy Statement for 2024/25.

The Pay Policy sets out the wages of council staff and is primarily concerned with those of the most senior officers. The report will be discussed by the council’s Personnel Committee next week and will then need approval from the Full Council.

According to the report, Chief Executive, Steve Mawson, is the top earner, with an annual salary of £166,866. This is just over £20k less than that of Kirklees Council’s former Chief Executive, Jacqui Gedman who was on £187,087 per year.

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Up to 20 officers, including the Chief Executive, are entitled to a wage of £100k or more, with 15 members of staff in the pay bracket of £95,000 to £111,999, and a further four eligible for between £130,000 to £145,999.

The report explains that Mr Mawson’s salary is 5.8 times greater than the median salary across council staff (excluding schools or other external organisations) which stands at £28,770. The ratio between the two salaries is 5.8:1 and this is referred to as the ‘pay multiple’.

While the council doesn’t have a policy on maintaining a specific pay multiple, the local authority says it is “conscious of the need to ensure that the salary of the highest paid employee is not excessive and is consistent with the needs of the authority.”

The report continues: “The authority’s approach to the payment of other staff is to pay that which the authority needs to pay to recruit and retain staff with the skills, knowledge, experience, abilities, and qualities needed for the post in question at the relevant time…”

The lowest wage received by Kirklees Council staff is £11.59 per hour. This is slightly above the National Living Wage, which increased to £11.44 in April.

The full council will have to consider any new recruitment to roles with salaries of £100k or more.

Earlier in the year, pressure group, the TaxPayer’s Alliance, published its annual Town Hall Rich List. This showed the council employees from across the country with salaries of £100k or more in the financial year of 2022/23, and twenty Kirklees employees made the list.

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