Your first look at Daniel Craig in Knives Out 3

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Your first look at Daniel Craig in Knives Out 3Samir Hussein - Getty Images

The Knives Out series is officially one of our favourite whodunnits, and we've got some good news, as Knives Out 3 is officially coming!

Following on from Knives Out 1 and 2, the franchise's third instalment will open up another juicy case for detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig). Plus, if the first and second movies are anything to go by, we'll be expecting another epic cast.

So, once you've finally got your head around all those Glass Onion plot twists, it's time to get excited for our next case. Here's everything we know about Knives Out 3 so far.

knives out 3 expected release date, cast and more

What's the Knives Out 3 release date?

As well as confirming the name of the new movie, Netflix also confirmed the third film Wake Up Dead Man, will be premiering at *some point* in 2025.

The first Knives Out film was released in cinemas back in November 2019, followed by the second film which premiered on Netflix in December 2022. Given this previous timeline we reckon we can expect to see the film towards the end of 2025.

Excitingly, they've already given us our first look at Daniel Craig in character, and it's safe to say Benoit Blanc is sporting a very dashing hairstyle. Silver fox alert!

When was Knives Out 3 confirmed?

All the way back in March 2021 (following the success of the first Knives Out film), Netflix signed a deal green-lighting both Knives Out 2 (aka Glass Onion) *and* a third film.

And on 24 May 2024, the film's writer and director, Rian Johnson, confirmed the third movie would be called Wake Up Dead Man, in a post on X (formerly known as Twitter) where he said: "The next Benoit Blanc mystery, the follow-up to Knives Out and Glass Onion, is called Wake Up Dead Man."

He followed this up by saying how excited he was to be delving back into the whodunnit franchise, adding: "I love everything about whodunnits, but one of the things I love most is how malleable the genre is. There’s a whole tonal spectrum from Carr to Christie, and getting to explore that range is one of the most exciting things about making Benoit Blanc movies."

Right now, where the movie is set and what crime Benoit Blanc will be investigating, is still top secret information.

What have creators said about Knives Out 3?

With the film officially announced, Knives Out's creators have already been busy teasing the third instalment. Rian Johnson shared some insight into what we can expect, telling Digital Spy, "The key is landing on something that first of all feels different than the first two and also feels like the only reason for us to keep making these is if we're excited about making them."

If the second movie is anything to go by, we'd say producers have succeeded in keeping things fresh in comparison to the first film. And it looks like we can expect more of the same from No. 3!

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Who is in the cast of Knives Out 3?

Following the announcement of the news of the third movie, it's thankfully been confirmed by Netflix that Daniel Craig will be returning to play the famous detective Benoit Blanc.

With each film, we get a brand new cast of A-listers who are somehow involved in a suspicious murder, and we know now some of the new cast who will be involved a third time around.

Confirmed to be joining the third instalment so far is:

  • Jeremy Renner

  • Kerry Washington

  • Mila Kunis

  • Glenn Close

  • Andrew Scott

  • Josh O'Connor

  • Cailee Spaeny

  • Josh Brolin

  • Daryl McCormack

This is already shaping up to be an iconic lineup. And for the truly Knives Out obsessed fans, you may remember this is technically not Jeremy's first appearance in the movie franchise, as back in Glass Onion, he appeared as the face of a fictional hot sauce brand.

Netflix, we're ready when you are!

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