Doughnut-mad sweet fan queues 11 hours for Krispy Kreme opening

A doughnut lover has won a year's supply from Krispy Kreme after queuing 11 hours for the American chain to open its first shop in Cornwall. Sam Davies queued up all night to be the first in line, waiting from 10pm on Wednesday night until the shop opened at 9am this morning (Thursday, July 4).

The company, known for its glazed delicacies, announced in March that it would open a shop in Truro this summer. The new branch, in St Nicholas Street, was officially opened by town crier Lionel Knight with the five staff cutting a ribbon before the queue of 50 or so rushed in to get their hands on the famous pastry.

Sam Davies showed us his Krispy Kreme paper hat with the number one written on it. Trying to warm up after spending almost 12 hours on a camping chair wrapped in a blanket and several layers of clothing, the 30-year-old from Truro said he was over the moon to have won a year's supply of doughnuts.

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"I turned up at 10pm. They gave this number one hat. It's the hat of destiny," he joked, visibly in high spirits. "Whenever I go out of Cornwall to see some friends we always end up in Krispy Kreme. My friends love it. They are nice doughnuts. Now I can return the favour and treat them to some doughnuts when they come here."

He said he's already eyed up his favourite, a strawberry cream doughnut. Sam said he had a walk around the city centre to keep himself busy in the early hours of the morning until a group of friends joined him at 3.40am. Nicole Ford, 18 from Camborne and Eren Stevens, 17, from Hayle may have missed out on the top spot but they were still quite pleased to be among the first 12 people in the queue, meaning a chance to win some extra goodies when buying their favourite treat.

Kayla Crocker is the new manager of the Krispy Kreme shop in Truro
Kayla Crocker is the new manager of the Krispy Kreme shop in Truro -Credit:Olivier Vergnault / Cornwall Live

"We entertained each other," Nicole said. "We had some dancing, we listened to some music together." Eren added: "We're here for free doughnuts and goodies. What more would anyone want in life."

Sam added: "These guys helped me survive the night. We also got to enjoy a beautiful sunrise over the cathedral which was really nice."

Kayla Crocker, the manager of the new Krispy Kreme shop, said she was excited, impressed and equally glad to see the first punters form an orderly queue outside the shop. She said: "I was happy to see them as I was worried there'd be no one there. It's a good addition to Truro's high street. We've been in here training for a week and already the other traders have been in. Everyone is quite excited. It's been nuts."

Kayla also said that Krispy Kreme will soon unveil its second shop in the county in an American-style airstream called Rocket at Cornwall Service Station on the A30.

The new Krispy Kreme donut shop opened in Truro on July 4
The new Krispy Kreme donut shop opened in Truro on July 4 -Credit:Olivier Vergnault / Cornwall Live

She added: "I think our new shop will work quite well in Truro. There are plenty of places to get your pasty and other savoury snacks. You can come in for your dessert. Krispy Kreme is a good addition to the city. It's a well-known brand. We're known for our quality doughnuts. We want to work with other businesses in the city. I think it will attract people into the city."

Lionel Knight, Truro's town crier, said there have been several new shops open in the city centre in the last few months. He added: "People say Truro is dying. That's not true at all. Krispy Kreme wouldn't come to our city if they thought it was on its knees. The more shops we get in the city the better for everyone."