Kurt Cobain’s daughter pens moving tribute on anniversary of his death

Frances Bean Cobain has paid a moving tribute to her rock star father.

The visual artist and model has expressed her ongoing grief on the 30th anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death.

Cobain, who died on 5 April 1994, was remembered by his daughter on Instagram. In a lengthy and emotional post, she talks about grief, loss and her wish to have known the Nirvana frontman, who died when she was just a year old.

“I wish I could've known my Dad,” she wrote. “I wish I knew the cadence of his voice, how he liked his coffee or the way it felt to be tucked in after a bedtime story. I always wondered if he would've caught tadpoles with me during the muggy Washington summers, or if he smelled of Camel Lights and strawberry Nesquik (his favorites, I've been told).”

Writing under her Instagram handle thespacewitch, her emotive post reveals small but poignant family memories.

“His mom Wendy would often press my hands to her cheeks and say, with a lulling sadness, “you have his hands”. She would breathe them in as if it were her only chance to hold him just a little bit closer, frozen in time. I hope she’s holding his hands wherever they are.”

Bean reveals that her father wrote her a letter before she was born, which she treasures.

“The last line of it reads, “wherever you go or wherever I go, I will always be with you.” He kept this promise because he is present in so many ways. Whether it’s by hearing a song or through the hands we share, in those moments I get to spend a little time with my dad and he feels transcendent.”

Frances Bean Cobain is the only child of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain and Hole frontwoman Courtney Love.