Labour slams SNP candidate who called for 'civil disobedience' if Westminster blocks IndyRef2

Labour has slammed an SNP election candidate who suggested Scots could resort to "civil disobedience" if Westminster continues to ignore calls for a second referendum on independence.

Lesley Backhouse, who is standing for the Nationalists in Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath, pointed to protests against the poll tax and tolls on the Skye road bridge as examples of "alternative routes" indy supporters could use.

The SNP councillor said she was "going to have to re-read up on what the Suffragettes did and find out what’s within the Westminster rules and regulations".

She added: "If they’re denying democracy then we have to use every power available to us to either distrust or get them to come to the table."

In an interview with The National, the candidate mentioned "civil disobedience" as a way of achieving political goals.

The UK Government has repeatedly refused to allow an IndyRef2 and has insisted the result of the 2014 referendum must be respected.

Keir Starmer has also said a future Labour government would refuse any request for another referendum.

The SNP is aiming to win a majority of seats in Scotland as a mandate to begin negotiations over an IndyRef2.

Jackie Baillie, Scottish Labour deputy leader, said: "This is nothing short of a dangerous, Trumpian outburst and John Swinney must act now to distance himself and his party from this candidate.

Ordinary working Scots will be appalled at this inflammatory statement. Only Scottish Labour is focused on bringing down bills, boosting workers' rights and delivering the change Scotland needs."

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