Lad loses £400 on night out but gets big shock when he calls up nightclub

The Acapulco, Halifax
-Credit: (Image: Google Maps)

A Halifax mum has publicly thanked a good Samaritan who turned in her son's wallet with £400 inside after he lost it.

Philippa took to social media to share her story, saying that her foster son turned 18 last week and went to the Acapulco nightclub to celebrate. There, he lost his wallet with his drivers' licence and almost £400 of birthday money inside.

After realising, they got in contact with the nightclub to ask if anyone had seen it, expecting the worst.

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However, the nightclub soon got back in contact to say they had in fact found his wallet. According to them it was turned in by someone called Grace.

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In a message to the kind person who recovered the wallet, Philippa said: "If this is you then THANK YOU so so much, you’ve made a sad young man very happy! Please shout up if this was you, I’d like to get you something in return. Needless to say he's learnt a hard lesson but it could of been a much more expensive lesson".