Land of Women: Men Wreak Havoc in the Eva Longoria-Led Wine Dramedy — Grade the Premiere!

Men are out to ruin Eva Longoria’s life in Apple TV+’s Land of Women.

In Wednesday’s double-episode premiere, we meet four men orbiting our protagonist Gala’s (played by Longoria) life, and all of them are terrible, horrible, no good, very bad boys. We’ve got Gala’s husband, Fred (Sex Education‘s James Purefoy), who puts her in danger before vanishing into thin air; Amat (Star Trek: Picard‘s Santiago Cabrera), a stranger who refuses to help her as she navigates her husband’s mistakes; and two comically evil henchmen!

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In the early moments of Episode 1, we learn from said henchmen that Fred owes some unknown lender $15 million. How does Fred respond? Like any on-screen coward named Fred would: He ditches his wife and daughter in the hopes that he might save himself by going on the run alone!

Fearing for her own safety, Gala gathers a bunch of cash, packs some belongings and rounds up her mother, Julia (Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown‘s Carmen Maura) and daughter, Kate (newcomer Victoria Bazúa) to flee town. They head to the picturesque Catalonia region of Spain — more specifically, Julia’s hometown, La Muga. (Which also happens to be home to a storybook wine co-op run by women.)

But the trio’s trip to Spanish wine country is interrupted when they crash into a tractor in the middle of nowhere, causing their car to break down. And here, we meet Amat.

Gala explodes at him because, at this point, can you blame her? The pair launch into a verbal spat that lasts the rest of the premiere and reeks of sexual tension — so yeah, we’re ‘shipping this couple. (We know, bickering is not the hallmark of a healthy relationship. But in a show aptly titled Land of Women, the pickings are slim!)

Amat reluctantly agrees to give the group of women a ride into town. Gala asks him to take them to her mother’s home — which Julia shares with her estranged sister — but Amat refuses. Why? Because he apparently purchased that home years ago. Of course he did!

More arguing ensues, forcing the women no other choice but to sneak into the scenic estate and lock Amat out while he’s away. The police, led by Julia’s former lover, show up to mediate. (Julia apparently was — and still is! — a major flirt, and we love her for that.)

In the end, Amat agrees to let the women stay at his house and Gala, who happens to be a wine expert, not-so-selflessly offers to help the wine co-op get out of a rut.

Oh, and somewhere along the way we also find out that Gala’s father is not actually dead? Despite Julia claiming he was for Gala’s whole life? His identity, however, is not known to anyone, which opens the door for yet another man to disappoint this group of women!

How do you think Gala will get her family out of this dramatic, international pickle? Grade the Land of Women premiere via the poll below, then hit the comments!

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