Large Male Crocodile Attacks Female Crocodile on River in Queensland

A male crocodile attacked a female crocodile that was basking on the bank of the Daintree River in Queensland on December 4. David White recorded this video while driving a boat down the river and originally posted it to Facebook.

White told Storyful the large male crocodile is known as Big Nick, and the female is known as Bruce. The footage shows Big Nick approaching Bruce, attacking her, and chasing her back into the river. “Oh my god he attacked her,” White is heard saying.

“I have no idea why Big Nick was so nasty,” White told Storyful, though he speculated that Big Nick may have been acting out of jealousy, as Bruce was recently seen with another male named Scarface.

“In my 23 years on the river I have not seen such an aggressive behavior towards a female,” White said. Credit: David White via Storyful