Geordie Shore's latest episode: Arguments, feelings and someone's not ready to move on

I’m back! Firstly, I’d like to apologise for not posting about Geordie Shore recently as I have been away. This does mean, however, that I will be uploading 6 pieces in the next 7 days! Lucky you, ay?

What an exciting first episode of the new series, I have highlighted four key events from the show which I will be speaking about over the next few days. These are, Holly and Chloe’s argument, Marty declaring his feels to Chloe, Marty and Chloe’s argument and Gaz not being ready to move on.

In this piece, I will be talking about the latter, that being Gaz not moving on as quick as people may have expected. Gary Beadle is renowned for being a huge ‘lad’, he’s slept with many, many women and undoubtedly has girls drool over him. But in the series currently airing we are seeing a slightly different Gaz. It is his first series filming without his former partner in crime, Charlotte Crosby. There is no doubt that, that would be weird for Gary because he and Charlotte have shared so many memories together.



In Tuesday's episode we saw Gaz open up that he isn’t particularly ready to go out pulling again, despite the fact he is single. You can understand that, right?

The whole entire public thought Gaz and Charlotte really were together forever, there are several fan pages for them and people genuinely loved them together. I think that in this case, you have to take into consideration about the ectopic pregnancy that Charlotte experienced with Gary’s child.

It’s no secret that Gaz went on Ex on the Beach and pulled during the time that Charlotte was going through some life changing periods, for me though, everything happens for a reason and despite Gary’s mistakes, I thought these two would end up together in the end. I guess it just wasn’t meant to be!

Anyway, the current series of the show wouldn’t have been long after Gaz found out about the pregnancy and the situation Charlotte was in so its no fault of his that he didn’t want to pull. In fact  I think it shows, that really, he is a human being, with feelings and emotions.



Back to real time though, we know all know that Gaz is all loved up with Emma, his new girl, and they have recently been on a trip away to Dubai - it’s alright for some, ay?! Maybe she’ll be the one for him, hopefully anyway!

Until next time x

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