Latest from the Toon: Marnie's happy with Lewis Bloor, but is Gary leaving?

It’s been a few days, and I’ve been waiting for some more current news regarding the Geordie Shore family but to be honest, there hasn’t been much drama over the last couple of days.

First of all, let's talk Marnie and her relationship with Essex hunk Lewis Bloor. What’s everyone’s thoughts? To be honest, I think that they are clearly happy, but as we have seen several times before, if you try to have a relationship whilst in the house, it will end in tragedy. In fact, I’m sure Marnie knows that as well. Therefore, it is going to end up with her having to make a decision between her career on Geordie Shore, and her lover Lewis. It is not an easy decision, but it is clear that it is one she is going to have to make because staying faithful to your partner when in Geordie Shore, especially when they aren’t on the show with you, will be very difficult, and perhaps something  that Marnie won’t be able to handle.

Elsewhere, we have heard Gary speak again about how he has come to the decision that he will leave the show fairly soon, but we will have him for at least one or two more series after the current one. He said ‘I can’t be going around ba***** 21 year olds when am 30!’. Oh, that did make me laugh – why not Gary, why not?! It’s been a huge roller coaster for Gaz, he joined the show almost a boy who didn’t have much going for him, joined the army and soon left, was a tiler, but now when he leaves, he will be leaving a worldwide known celebrity, owner of his own clothing brand, and have a host of advantages to his name. It’s an incredible story, a bit like Vardy’s rise to the top of football, Gaz has rose to the top of fame. Legend.

So, it’s Friday today, and I’m sure everyone is starting to get that Friday feeling, whether you’re at work today or enjoying a well earned chill day, don’t forget that it is now the weekend and realistically, you should be heading out tonight and tomorrow night because remember – you only live once. But make sure you don’t get so drunk that your hangover lasts until Tuesday night so that you miss the next episode of the Party Tour.

Peace x

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