Prisons can now trace inmate mobile phones to exact cells

The Government is hoping the new kit will lead to a reduction in drug smuggling inside prisons. (GETTY)

Prison staff are using new technology to trace illegal phones in a bid to crack down on violence and drug dealing behind bars.

This latest technology will enable staff to find a phone and even locate it to the exact cell.

The Ministry of Justice is hoping that this latest technology will help staff to reduce drug smuggling and inmates speaking to criminal gangs outside prisons.

Justice Secretary David Gauke said: “As criminals look for new ways to smuggle contraband into prisons, it is vital that we stay one step ahead, and this kind of technology will help prevent them operating from their cells.

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“This is vital to ensuring prisons are places of safety and rehabilitation, where offenders can turn their backs on crime for good.”

This new technology can also be used to block illegal mobiles remotely.

The detection kit works by sending real-time alerts when a mobile is detected in prison.

Mobile phones were found stuffed into dead rats in prisons last month. (GETTY)

These alerts are then shown on a digital heat map, which allows officers to identify the precise location of the phone.

Prison governors across England and Wales are able to seek a court order to remove a mobile or sim from a certain network.

Since January last year the Government has invested £70 million in safety, security and decency to help restore stability to the prison estate.