The ‘lazy girl makeup’ TikTok trend is all the rage for Gen Z — here’s why doctors are speaking out

Kaycee Ogle
Kaycee Ogle

A 25-year-old woman took to TikTok to show off what she deemed the “lazy girl” makeup trend.

Kaycee Ogle, from Flint, Michigan, was seen sharing a new makeup trend by using self-tanning lotion overnight.

She revealed her process and her reasons for the new habit, noting she simply doesn’t want to do her makeup every day.

“The modern-day woman in 2024 is busy and working hard,” she told SWNS.

“We want to work smarter, not harder,” she said.

In the video, which has over 1.3 million TikTok views, Ogle showed how she applies a self-tanning lotion to the areas of her face that she would usually contour.

She applies self-tanner to her cheeks, eyelids and other areas before giving herself a fake-freckle look.

She leaves it on overnight; then, in the morning, she washes her face.

As shown in the video, Ogle can be seen admiring her work.

“I think she looks pretty good,” she said, looking in the mirror.

She added, “The little freckles are super cute, [and] I’d say that was a win.”

Ogle said she’s been using this hack for about five years, and that the makeup at the end is lightweight.

Kaycee Ogle shared a new makeup trend – using self-tanning lotion overnight.
Kaycee Ogle shared a new makeup trend – using self-tanning lotion overnight.

“It looks like I have eye shadow [on], and it gives a really pretty natural glow,” she told SWNS.

She continued, “This method is an easy solution to feel your best with minimal effort and, in a short period of time, [give] you time to focus on the things that actually matter.”

She uses a regular self-tanner, Ogle said — but noted that an organic face tanner is probably safer.

Commenting on the TikTok trend, New York dermatologist Dr. Fayne Frey, M.D., shared some cautions about the tanning applications.

“I have nothing against tanners per se, but do keep in mind … [tanners are] not approved to be inhaled because [doctors] don’t know the risks of the pulmonary damage that could be done,” she said.

Frey also said using tanners on the face can lead to unknown allergic reactions for some people, depending on the ingredients in the products.

Ogle uses henna to create freckles.
Ogle uses henna to create freckles.

Additionally, Frey said that henna is not approved for skin application.

“It is not approved for skin application in any form — no direct application to the skin,” the dermatologist told Fox News Digital.

She continued, “It makes these products what we call unadulterated, so if there’s real henna in this, it’s not even a legal product in this country.”

Frey also said she found the video, in her view, to be disturbing — and advises any others who might be thinking of trying the new “lazy girl” makeup trend to look away.

“They don’t need to spend one bit of time, energy and money on this particular trend, which is not only going to make your pillowcase dirty, but potentially cause allergies to your skin,” she said.

Ogle leaves the self tan/henna on overnight and washes it off in the morning.
Ogle leaves the self tan/henna on overnight and washes it off in the morning.

Over 600 comments have been posted on the viral TikTok video so far — with many people saying the hack is genius.

One user wrote, “Girl WHAT that looks SO GOOD.”

Another person commented, “I would buff it into my hair line just a little more, but it looks great!”

Some, however, were skeptical of the trend.

“I am [a] side sleeper that moves from side to side, [so] absolutely not for me,” another TikTok account said.

Dr. Mariano Busso, a Beverly Hills- and Miami-based dermatologist, told Fox News Digital that anyone interested in the trend should remember that results can vary based on certain skin types.

“It’s good to keep in mind that some preparations are better for certain types of skin,” he said.

He told Fox News Digital as well, “Also, before using products containing dihydroxyacetone, the skin must be free of inflammation, wounds and growths — otherwise you will end up with an uneven color and a splotchy appearance.”

Fox News Digital reached out to Ogle for additional comment.